1. Load Game with Updates

    Hi Everyone! I am trying to balance my game with combinaisons of armors/weapons etc.. I have a lot of them and it's quite long to build up my characters so i decided to save a game with all my characters stuffed etc.. But my problem is when i want to change something on the editor such as...
  2. Poryg

    #11 - introduction to battle scene

    Part 11 is now up! It wasn't my original plan, but I'm going to devote a couple of videos to battles as battles have been by a large margin the most requested topic to cover. So, in this video I'll introduce you to the core variables inside Scene_Battle. Required: An IDE (some of the most...
  3. Poryg

    #10 - pitfalls of PIXI

    Part 10 of the tutorial series is up! In the past videos you may have seen me use PIXI. Sprite.fromImage instead of MV's default sprite stuff, but I've always said you shouldn't use it unless you want to deal with the pitfalls of PIXI. So I explain some of them in this video. If you don't intend...
  4. Poryg

    #8 - save handling of custom data

    Hello, fellow rpg makers! Part 8 of the tutorial series is up. In this video we will save and load custom variables as well as custom $dataFiles. I forgot to plug in my microphone, so I made up for the bad sound quality with subtitles. Required: An IDE (some of the most popular ones are Atom...
  5. Poryg

    #4 - drawText vs. drawTextEx, custom size "buttons"

    Hello, fellow RPG makers, Part 4 of the series is now up. After a rather theoretical part 3 we will finally learn some fun stuff. Button backgrounds, custom size window commands, make any menu you will ever desire! Required: An IDE (some of the most popular ones are Atom, Sublime text 2...
  6. Poryg

    #3 - introduction to window types

    Hello, fellow RPG makers, Part 3 of the series is now up. As the title says, nothing fancy will happen, it's just an introduction to the window types of MV and their main differences. Also it contains an explanation to the problem we had in the previous episode, where I tried to draw images...
  7. Poryg

    #2 - change scene, custom scene, custom window

    Hello, fellow RPG makers, Part 2 of the series is now up. As the title says, I'll show you how to change a scene through code, how to create your custom scene and how to create a custom window. As a bonus, in the video there's shown how you can map custom keys. Required: An IDE (some of the...
  8. Poryg

    #1 - introduction to MV scripting

    Hello, fellow RPG makers, Since Soulpour has deleted his videos, there are no real MV scripting materials, so I've decided to fill the place. Unlike my PIXI DIY series I am going to take this from the ground up to make it as non-niche as possible so that more people can benefit from it. In this...
  9. Nitrogue

    Custom Make Overworld

    Hey guys, I'm in the midst of working on an RPG game similar to Pokemon/Zelda/Earthbound, whereby the player is able to move from one town to a route and then to a forest seamlessly without having to step on a tile to get transported to a specific map. In other words, there is no switching...
  10. matthe8151

    Making a Skip command

    Want a DIY skip command? You've come to the right place! Then this 3 part tutorial will teach you where to start! First start a new project! If you are not sure how to do that.     Afterwards open up the scripts find this and press INSERT.     Then find Scene_Battle and...
  11. GoodSelf

    Extra Credits Tutorial Videos

    Hey everyone!  By now, I have probably watched every video that Extra Credits has put out, and somehow, it just occurred to me how beneficial these videos will be for the community. I'm sure many of you have seen these videos before, but if you have not, then you're in for a real treat...
  12. The Warrior248

    Making Maps in MV

    Got a Major Problem, not really sure if anyone out there can assist me, though. I have the poorest creative mind ever. If I use sample maps I can do doors, stairs, battles, cutscenes, essentially everything. I'm even good at using the plugins. But no matter what I try, my maps are terrible. They...
  13. GreenTeaMochi

    How to make a face set??

    Hi, I'm so sorry if this is in the wrong category, and it probably is, but can I have some help with making a face set? I have Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and Manga Studio Debut 4.0 to make it in, and I'd rather not spend any money on software at the moment. I would like to know the dimensions the page...
  14. FuryDr00d

    How to make sprites and objects.

    I would like to make personal sprites and objects. Which program would I do this on? I'm kinda broke right now, so I would like a free program. I have a windows. So I have MS Paint. If that is a program. Please explain who I could use them too. Thank you!
  15. iKiWY

    Selling and Making Accounts

    Hello There! I have a question about selling and accounting. Firstly, can I sell the game that I made in RPG Maker? For about 4€? Secondly, is there a way to implement an account login? Like when someone buys a game only his accoutn can login the game and play? (aka Minecraft has when you...

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