1. Maliki79

    Maliki's MZ Rolling Stats ver 1.1

    Maliki's Rolling Stats MZ ver 1.1 Introduction: Allows devs to set basic stats (HP, MP or TP) to "roll" from a starting value to ending value. Features: Normally, when an enemy hits an actor, the damage is instantly removed from their current value. However, with this plugin, you can...
  2. Maliki79

    Maliki's PermaDeath ver 1.2 (Save File Disable)

    Maliki's PermaDeath ver 1.2 Features: This Plugin allows developers to render a players save file unloadable once they reach a Game Over in their game. Saves are also linked to user "profiles" i.e. when someone starts a new game. Saves linked to one game will not affect saves from another...
  3. Maliki79

    Maliki's Character TP

    Maliki's Character TP ver 1.2 Features: This Plugin allows developers to easily change the default Max TP of Actors and Enemies. Using notetags, Devs can also allow equips and states to temporarily change Max TP. Also allows hiding of TP during battles on a per Actor basis. Howto: After...
  4. Maliki79

    Maliki's Add Extra States ver 1.2

    Maliki's Add Extra States ver 1.2 Features: This Plugin allows developers to give enemy battlers unique state reactions. These reactions are expressed as secondary states added after the initial one. An example could be if a Fire spell caused enemies to have a burning state. Some enemies...
  5. Maliki79

    Maliki's Dynamic State Resistance ver 1.0

    Maliki's Dynamic State Resistance ver 1.0 Features: This Plugin allows developers to prevent states from being overused on battlers by allowing a resistance to those states to build up and eventually result in complete immunity. Howto: After installing the plugin, find any enemies you...
  6. Maliki79

    Maliki's Master Volume ver 1.0

    Maliki's Master Volume ver 1.1a Features: This Plugin allows devs to utilize a single slider for all 4 sound profiles. This Master volume could either be set along with the music and sound sliders, or as a stand-alone setting that will control all sounds simultaneously. Howto: This...
  7. Maliki79

    Maliki's Critical BGM/BGS Changer

    Maliki's Critical BGM/BGS Changer   ver 1.0   Features:  This Plugin allows users to set a BGM or BGS to play when either the player party or enemy troupe reaches a critical state defined by percentage of remaining HP. HowTo:  Just install this plugin normally.  You must...
  8. Maliki79

    Maliki's Item Durability EX ver 1.8

    Maliki's Item Durability EX ver 1.8 Features: This plugin gives extra functionality to YanFly's ItemDurability Plugin allowing durability to affect item's stats and changing the default behavior of the plugin to delete items upon break. HowTo: Required Yanfly's...
  9. Maliki79

    Maliki's Attach Augments EX ver 1.5

    Maliki's Attach Augments EX   ver 1.5   Features:  This Plugin allows users of Yanfly's Attach Augments plugin to have preset Augments on items.  Also allows for mandatory slot fills, disallowing slots from having no augment. HowTo: Required Yanfly's Attach Augment Plugin...
  10. Maliki79

    Maliki's Variable Buy and Sell Rates ver 1.2

    Maliki's Variable Buy and Sell Rates   ver 1.2   Features:  This Plugin allows developers to set group item buy and sell costs.  Items can be added into groups via notetags and the group's prices can be altered via percentages. Buy and sell percentages can be altered...
  11. Maliki79

    Calibur A's The Telos Gems Demo-642016

    Story According to the Holy Grimoire, God once lived with the people of his planet bringing happiness and peace to the world for centuries. Then one day, without warning, the great Calamity came. No one knows what it was exactly, but it wiped nearly all life off the planet...
  12. Maliki79

    Maliki's Encounter Rate Options ver 1.4a

    Maliki's Encounter Rate Option Menu ver 1.5 Features: This Plugin allows players the freedom to edit the random encounter rate via the Options Menu up to and including complete removal of random battles. This is done via percentages. Developers can edit the...
  13. Maliki79

    Maliki's ElementEX ver 1.6

    Maliki's Element Ex ver 1.6 Features: Allows More control over element attack and defense up to and including element absorption. Howto: After installing plugin, add the following notetags to Actor, class, enemy, equipment, or state note fields...
  14. Maliki79

    Maliki's Location Loader ver 1.1

    Maliki's Location Loader ver 1.1   Features:  This plugin allows users to designate a location for players to respawn after loading a saved game. Howto: 3 game variables are required to use this plugin.  They can be changed like any other variable to place players where you want. Detailed...
  15. Maliki79

    Maliki's Dual Wield ver 2.5

    Maliki's Dual Wield ver 2.5 Features: This Plugin allows developers to define weapons as "two-handed". What this will do is allow the weapon to only be equipable in the "first" weapon slot. Updated to allow "shield" weapons in off-hand. Updated to correct...

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