1. Evan Finkel

    Zalett's Artsy Shop [CLOSED TIL JULY]

    CLOSING UNTIL JULY..! ANY OF THE ART WORKS INCLUDED HERE ARE STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED FOR USE BECAUSE THOSE WERE COMMISSIONED/REQUESTED! NOTE* Don't ask for anything such as "Do you have some animals art?" Only request if really needed. Plus I only do human type guys art.   Hey, thanks for time to...
  2. Neetsquad

    Manga artist for hire! Vancouver, BC

    Hi, my name is Kang. I am currently looking for a manga artist. If you are interested, comment on this post and future interview will be held online. Can be online or within the BC region. Thank you.
  3. RMMZ Crossover Fighter Card Collecting

  4. Vexed

    Vexed's Things and Doings

    I've had a couple of people asking about my art and if I have a gallery or anything anywhere... and I don't really. At least not a proper one. Because I'm lazy and don't like to update things very often. But I figured I could post some artworks here as and when I think about adding them. It's a...
  5. nio kasgami

    Rpg Maker Story

    Original Title : RPG ツクール Story Alternative Title : Rpg Maker Story Author : 荷を 春日未 / Nio Kasgami Management: Hirei Corrector : Cashmere Type :  Fantasy / Adventure / Humor / Sci-Fi / Action Statut : Ongoing Number of novel : undertermined Number of chapter per novel : 9 Number of pages per...
  6. daheji

    Daheji and stuff

    I mostly draw girls in a very manga-moe style. è_é I also draw boys dress as girls. D: Most of the characters I draw are for my game Version Fille, an episodic RPG, that I'm currently making. Right now, it's still a french game, but as soon I finish making it, I'll translate it (or ask someone...
  7. nio kasgami

    Nio Kasgami Sketch books

    Hello everyone! my name are Nio Kasgami and i am a young mangaka who drawing since 2008  normally i don't post my draw but dalph insisted for I create a topic of where post my sketch and my draws... so enjoy! and don't hesitated for comment my draw i love comment is help me to improve...
  8. Manga making-I can read and I can write but I can't draw to save my life!

    I'm a keen novelist with a good head for writing fantasy...just one annoying thing. I can bring my characters to life through words and can see how they look before me but I can't draw for toffee. I'd love to eventually work with my brother who composes music for games and make it into an RPG...
  9. Want someone to do manga or ace run time package style portraits

    Hey,hi i want someone to do manga or vx ace run time package style portraits of these boy n girl leio or leo   age is twenty-six class is swordsman leio is the main hero of the story medy or melody  age is twenty-two class is grappler medy is leio's childhood friend she go with leio on...
  10. Xoltox

    Flamin' Art Corner?

    Flamin' Art Corner Uh... nothing special just some art work of my own... I'll try to update every day... The sections divide the kind of artwork I do... I hope you like it... and im not so so good at the thread intro speech... And im still learning... Note - Spoilers might be IMAGE HEAVY and...
  11. Kazuki

    The reworked plot for a reimaging of my first comic book

    I decided i would rework the plot of my first graphic novel "The Osana Empire: The Rebellion": http://takamurart.deviantart.com/gallery/30802088 Here's the plot summary for the new one The Osana Empire seeks the power of Osana’s Tears. This valuable resource has revolutionized the world of...
  12. Jesse - PVGames

    Been working on my Anime

    Hello all, I generally create art on commission, but tonight I buckled down and really worked on how to make better anime using 3D and photoshop - what a giant pain in the backside! I just wanted to share with you the fruits of my (very long) labor: two little comic-style frames from a...

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