map building

  1. 48Tentacles

    [Looking for Tutorials, MV] Any best tutorials in your experience to build maps from zero?

    Mods, feel free to move this thread because I honestly don't know where to post. Hello everyone. I had experience with maps in my millennial life, and I remember a few games that let you make any map creation mode. The best examples I can think of are Time Splitters 2 and Time Splitters 3. I...
  2. Creative ways to make forest map borders

    So I'm trying to make a forest map, but I'm having issues with how to actually make the border of the map. I've seen a lot of examples of using the tall trees to give definition to the edges of the playable map, and though I think it looks good in some instances, I'm really not a huge fan of...
  3. JardsonJean

    Organic Overworld Maps using RTP

    Just recently I finished making an overworld map using RPG Maker MV. It has become kind of a hobbie to me. I haven't really made anything else in the software besides using the map editor, I'm sure I can't get a game done on my own. Since you're basically creating pixel art, I started...
  4. A question about RPG Maker's default tiles

    (I'm sorry if this isn't the correct forum to post this question, I wasn't sure where to ask this.) Is it possible to make a nice-looking RPG Maker game using mostly the tiles the program comes with? I don't have much in way of resources or artistic ability, so I feel I'll have to rely on them...
  5. map layers help

    Hi, sorry for posting again. I'm having some trouble with my map design and I'm not sure if MV can even do what I want. here is an image to demonstrate what I mean:- basically, I know I can put walls and roofs on the cliff type tiles. this will give the map a...
  6. gothicvoid

    [GothicVoid]'s Additions-New Modern Items

    Everything i have made so far I have done so using the default tilesets that come with the MV software- UNLESS I HAVE OTHERWISE STATED.... So please make sure you give credit where its due cause we work hard to bring FREE edits or original content to you for your game! I also try to NEVER post...
  7. Doodads's Editor- Embellish your maps with this editor compatible with RPG Maker XP, VX and ACE

    Author: Newold Version: 1.0 Type: Custom Mapping System Compatibilty: RPG Maker XP, VX, ACE. Update: Version without dll include to the end of this post Updated: 10-06-2019 (See end of this post) With this tool you can enrich your maps with different images (even animated images). In game, you...
  8. Gustavo_Br

    (Help!) RMMV Interactive world map.

    My intention is make a Image map and use in game, which the player will not be able to move freely. Basically, the player can travel around the world map by fast travels, and stop in the cities (which will have a normal map). LIKE THIS (Mount&Blade Warband Screnshot) or this: But I have...
  9. Lantiz

    Procedural Maps Generator

    Biter Maps v1.07 [Discontinued as of 09-22-2018] by Lantiz (Biterkid) Hello there! Today I bring you guys a small pack of plugins that may be used to procedurally generate maps at run time. That means a new map can be created based on random numbers whenever the player enters the map. I've...
  10. AshInScribbleLand

    Character Appearance with Animation

    I was wondering if anyone could help me figure this out. I'm not sure if this is even possible, but here goes. I want to set a tile so that when *my* character(a) touches it, it triggers the appearance of another character(b) with a bit of animation. It would run a bit like this...

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