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  1. A Little help with some lighting issues..

    Hello! Ive been trying to make a horror theme game for a while now, but I seem to be having some issues with map transferals and lighting. On the outside (before entering the school) I am trying to create a dark scary theme. I've used the tint screen method and I have tried the picture overlay...
  2. The_Black_Knight

    Reset events on area change.

    So, I have enemies that walk a round the map, and once fought dissapear. I would like for these enemies to be reset on map change, which would at the moment require the transition to somehow changes all the enemies Self-Switches off. How on earth would I go around doing this? So to elaborate...

    My RPGMaker MV 1.20 generated game crashes periodically and always throws up the same errors in the

    I am hoping someone can help me identify the source of the IOS console errors shown below. I created a small demo game using the MAC/Steam version of  RPGMaker MV 1.20 and the demo game always crashes inconsistently at different points, but always on a map change. The specific map change/zone...
  4. Mr. Trivel

    Vehicle Music Fix

    Name: Vehicle Music Fix Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-01-27   What does it do? Changes how music and vehicles work.   Screenshots: Can't show sounds.   How to use? Turn it on and you're done.  ...
  5. How to change "transition" sound?

    Hi guys I'm setting up various transitions between maps, and these work well. However, the sound that plays when a character transits between maps is really annoying. I've been into "Database" and "system", but cannot see which sound it is or how it might be changed. Any pointers please? GT

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