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  1. Lene

    Custom Map Descriptions

    vividXP's Custom Map Descriptions Version 1.2 By Lene (vividXP) Introduction Custom Map Descriptions allows you to set a map description that will displayed along with the map name when entering a map. You can customize the size, background type, background color, how long the description...
  2. TheOddFellow

    [MV] Get any map's height/width

    Question: How can I get the width and height of any map within my game? "$dataMap.height" and "$dataMap.width" will get the data only of the map I am currently on. I've tried using IDs in multiple ways to access data to maps I have previously made, but to no avail. I've searched a lot of...

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I'm slightly disappointed that the MZ codebase still uses core.js, managers.js, objects.js, scenes.js, sprites.js and windows.js instead of core/Bitmap.js, core/Graphics.js, managers/AudioManager.js, managers/DataManager.js, etc...
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