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  1. TheRamenGirl

    "Map Effects" Zoom Effect compatible with "Fixed Pictures to Map" Script?

    Hello everyone! Fixed Pictures to Map by modern algebra works just fine by itself, but i need it to be compatible with Zeus81's Map Effects Zoom. When i use the zoom effect, the pictures do not stay in place.. They still follow the player. Gladly Zeus81 posted a "fix" additional script around...
  2. Industrial Gamer

    VX ace map HRG

    I've been playing around with weapons and various armors having HRG. However, the HRG effects work outside battle as well. Is there a way to turn off HRG effects outside of battle?
  3. [MV plugin request] Map effects?

    Hey! I stumbled upon a script for VX ace video: And I think it would be really cool to have something simmilar for MV x3 specially the distortion effect, it looks really neat!
  4.  Masked 

    MBS - Map Zoom

    MBS - Map Zoom by Masked Introduction This plugin allows you to change the map zoom with some simple Plugin Commands, I made this based on this post. Features - The map scroll and mouse/touch movement are adapted to work with zoom; - You can choose if the zoom is reseted when the...

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