map event

  1. MasterMoes

    999+ events on a single map in RPG Maker VX Ace (script request)

    So apparently, it is impossible to have more than 999 events on a single RPG maker VX Ace map. This is a huge problem for my open world game, and I was wondering if someone could create a script or something that can do this. I'm really in need of such a thing, and I am even willing to pay some...
  2. p0_boy

    Stuck In Place After Transfer Player

    Hello, everybody- I am running into a problem and wonder if any of you can please help me out? I am trying to streamline the way my character moves from one map to the other using a Common Event and a Map Event but upon executing it, my character is transferred to the other map but is stuck...
  3. Cheesy

    [SOLVED] How do I "draw" a white square on the screen?

    This is probably a super easy problem to solve, but I'm still a newbie at js so I don't know what to do. I need a map event to make a sprite appear on the screen with a script call, like you would with a picture, but I'm not using those because for what I've seen they are not as dynamic and...
  4. John Freeman

    Changing Map Even?

    (Sorry for my bad english) I'm trying to make an auto run event like when a NPC step on a trap then a hole will appear upon it   ----------------------------->   I think this problem can solve with change image event but are there any better ways to do this?

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