map size

  1. PhxFire

    Changing default map size in Map Properties

    So I've changed the display size of my game and everytime I need to create a new map I have to manually upsize it to be the minimum requirements, which isn't awful but I have 100's of maps to make lol... Is there a way to change the default 17x13 to new numbers... I'm guessing it's somewhere in...
  2. Bornstellar117

    Picture not appearing correctly; won't let met move (Bindpicturetomap)

    As the title says, I've used an image but it's appearing smaller (It's a photoshopped PNG, based off the exported map image) and up in the left corner, and it won't allow me to move. I'm trying to understand the "Bindpicturestomap" plugin and I recently got region restriction (I'm not using it...
  3. Tribos

    Map Size in MV is 256x256?

    So, the map size in MV is 256x256. Is that 256 tiles by 256 tiles? In other words, at 48 pixels per tile, you end up with 12288 pixels by 12288 pixels. Is that correct?
  4. SaintInix

    Question about Ace and Map Size/Event number

    Hey there folks, SaintInix here. New to the forums, and I've only been playing with RPG Maker for a couple days. My question is this, is it inconcievable to have a large map if using a Anti-Lag script? I've got the rough draft of a 350x450 map put together, and I've populated it with 65...
  5. thinkpadius

    How do I Access Map Data in order to Automate Transfer Coordinates?

    Here's what I want to do: 1) When the player reaches the edge of a map, they will transfer to a randomly selected map. (I've sorted that out, it's a series of conditionals based on a random number call) 2) When the player arrives at the new map, their position will be automatically chosen...

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