1. HarlekinLehl

    World map Yay or Nay?

    So I'm currently working on a linear story RPG and I was pondering whether or not to have a world map. Personally, I lean more towards having no world map, mostly because I never really liked wandering around on them, fighting random encounters and generally just looking for "where the hell do I...
  2. Kitten2021

    World Map Help Request

    Hello, I wasn't really sure which forum page to post this under, so Moderators, please feel free to either move it or let me know for in the future. :) I have two small clips of my World Map and I was hoping you guys could help me out with a problem I'm running into. I've got my world drawn...
  3. slimmmeiske2

    Game & Map Screenshots 12

    Game & Map Screenshots 12 This thread is meant for showing off screenshots or maps made for your project, and to comment on or give advice to other members. Screenshots of any Maker (including Visual Novel Maker) is welcome. No other game engines are allowed. In-game screenshots and maps...
  4. Lonewulf123

    [VX ACE] Help with Map Image as Battleback

    Hello, I'm having a bit of an issue because of an interesting way I'm utilizing battle transitions. Basically, I want to use the current map the player is standing on as a battle background. This typically isn't a problem, as their are tons of scripts and snippets that allow you to do so...
  5. Mercedes90

    Should I reduce the main map size from 256x256?

    The main map of the game I'm making, which is the exterior city, is at a maximum size of 256x256. As I was test-playing my game today, I started to notice that it's going smooth at first, then after a few seconds the FPS drops slightly more and more, and after 1 minute into testing, there's an...
  6. ovate

    Alternate Zelda Style Map Transition - Scroll Type compatible

    GridScrollMap.js - 1.3.0 (2018/02/25) Creator name: Triacontane Overview Seamless screen transition while scrolling on large maps Note: Scrolling effect occurs on large map. (not small maps separately) Features - Plugin command isn't required unless you want to disable map scrolling. -...
  7. Pheonix KageDesu

    Fog Of War (make dungeon even more dangerous) [MZ, MV]

    Fog Of War 1.0 Pheonix KageDesu Video: example of usage Fog of War plugin with Alpha ABS (Alpha ABS Z) plugins Introduction Plugin allows you add dynamic fog of war on map Features: Make really difficult dungeons with dynamic fog of war Hide enemies, traps, treasures and secret paths...
  8. Wecoc

    Map Tile Setter

    This script allows to change the tiles on the map in a way that the autotiles don't lose their property to join properly. Author: Wecoc First Release: February 2018 Last Version: February 2018 Terms of use - Giving credits (Wecoc) for using this script is optional, but appreciated. - You can...
  9. Wecoc

    Extended Map Sprite Tiles & Autotiles (EMSTA)

    Extended Map Sprite Tiles & Autotiles (EMSTA) allows inserting tile or autotile sprites on the map via script without layer limitations. It's basically like when you use an event as a tile, but in this case there's no event, so it causes much less lag. It doesn't affect the passability, but...
  10. HiddenAlchemist

    Is there a trick to doing this with tiles in the map editor?

    In one of the sample maps provided in MV, I noticed that shop's walls are not 'attached' to the barrier surrounding the market. The shop's corners are clearly defined: But when I try to add walls, they become connected to the barrier, as this example shows: It looks very unnatural that...
  11. Help with auto-filling map idea

    Basically, I have this idea in my head of an old school dungeon map that starts blank and fills in on its own. Simple, yeah? But I just can't seem to think of a way to do it properly. Here's a (very rough) example: So, I've got a grid. The only idea that makes sense so far is to cover the...
  12. Toxicon

    ASOIAF: Westeros/Essos Map

    Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone has done or knows where to find a map from Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire, I'd love to have a mess around with one on RPG Maker (MV or XP) because I have so many ideas and it would save some time trying to make the map if there's already one out...
  13. Milennin

    Map shadow in editor, but not in game

    I used the shadow tool to add shadow on some places in the map. It shows up in the editor, but when I go ingame, it's not there. Not sure if it's got to do with the fact I'm using custom tilesets...
  14. JardsonJean

    RTP Edit for RPG Maker MZ - Luscious Overworld

    Hi, guys! My name is JardsonJean and I'm from Brazil. You might know me from other resources online, mostly maps. I'm the one behind the LadyLuck page on itch.io (Check Here!) I love using RPG Maker to create overworld maps and just recently I got MZ. The default tileset felt a little empty and...
  15. Ludi_Tarantula

    FREE (RMMV) ARTISTS WANTED!! - The Rebirth Of Franklin Albrecht (Story-driven game)

    Good evening from the Ludi Tarantula team! Like we said in the title, we need multiple artists. After two years in which we tried to do both eventing and the art for the game, we recognized how much does it take to do both of them: we are always unsatisfied with our results. That's why we...
  16. Guardinthena

    Issues with Lag

    I wasn't sure where else to post this, so I thought I would try here. Straight to the point, I have been having issues with lag in my game and I do not know what to do or how I can fix this issue. I believe it is caused by plugins. I have come to this conclusion because I have opened a new...
  17. Eliaquim

    Eli Extra Map Scroll - Add extra scroll space to the map

    Author: Hakuen Studio Features ● Adds extra tile space for the map to scroll. How to use Put a note tag on your map notes: <ExtraScroll: x, y> Replace X and Y with the extra scroll value. You can also set only <ExtraScroll> - Then it will take the plugin parameter value. If you put, for...
  18. Barthdry

    How to Connect the Maps Properly using the Transfer Bug Created

    I am Asking About RPGXP. I know how to connect the maps but i encountered a bug i don't know how to fix it. I don't know whether you guys understand me properly or not. But Wait i will say it properly step by step. I need to make two places where i can transfer from map1 to map2. But that two...
  19. Skwis

    RMMZ Change map display name mid-game

    Looking for a way to show the map display name when needed but have it say something other than what the map is called. E.g. you have one very large map with different areas, so walking into a new area will show the map display name with the name of that area, instead of what you typed in the...
  20. Map/Hashmap/Hashtable datatype erased after Save/Load

    Hi, I've got a question specific to some of the more basic Javascript functionality that RPGM uses. I've been using Map/Hashtable objects to store information about the game. Particularly things that the players have unlocked. I store them into $gameVariables objects like everything else, so...

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