1. Collect Item object and repositioning it in another map location

    Hello everyone, I need help with a mechanic that is driving me crazy. I am trying to repositioning an Item collected from the player; from a map location to a new map. The process divided into several steps, is as follows. 1 - player interact with the object (a chair, a table for example)...
  2. tale

    PD_AdjustCharaSprite - Tiny Overworld Sprites

    PD_AdjustCharaSprite ( 2015/12/18 Ver.1.01 ) Creator name: Shio_inu (PixelDOG) Overview Characters sprites appears tiny in the overworld similar to overworld of Chrono Trigger. Features - Tiny characters sprites in overworld. - If file name include "noAdjust", no adjusting character sprite...
  3. tale

    Overhead Icon

    Overhead Icon - 2020.10.23.0 Creator name: OneEyedEagle ( Overview Adds the ability to show icon above the character's head on the map. Features - Uses script call to show icon about the character or event. - Overhead icon fades consistently throughout. - A...
  4. tale

    360 Panorama

    MSPanorama - 2019/09/17 (1.0.1) Creator name: moriya shige Introduction Adds a 360-degree panoramic distant view. This plugin uses Three.js, a library for creating 3D content with WebGL, but does not work with something that don't support WebGL. Features - Parameters to store variable in X or...
  5. Assistance with Parallax mapping

    My friend and I am making maps using photoshop, and we have yet to figure out how to make water move or layer maps. A lot of Youtube tutorials are kind of difficult to understand and we are looking for help on making water not look like a painting. Anyone have ideas?
  6. Eliaquim

    Eli Map Select - Easy and simple fast travel!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction Sometimes to test a game, we have to restart the playtest several times to transfer from one map to another. Or create events on each map to perform the transfer. This plugin solves this problem by creating a map selection scene, where you can choose to...
  7. jetsada

    Does anybody knows how to zoom in and out only map, not character.

    I try to make player character flying up by zooming the map out. The trick I found is only zoom the entire screen. Does anyone know how to zoom only map while remaining the player scale (or may be some NPC)? Thank you.
  8. noicant

    Exporting map gifs

    Hello guys, I am pretty new with RPGmaker. I want to export my maps that I've created as gif or even any video file is ok such as mp4 since the maps have autotiles. When I buy a tile set I see some gif examples of the animated maps in the folders. I want to know how it is possible. Thank you!
  9. Eliaquim

    Eli Map Reveal - Reveal the map as you walk!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction • Inspired by the game Fatal Labyrinth for Mega Drive, I have created this plugin that can cover a map and let the player reveals it as he moves! Features • Cover the tiles marked by regions with a 48x48 image of your preference. • Can choose the regions...
  10. Poppie360

    RMMV Questions regarding maps

    So I am working on a plugin however i am unsure of how to go about a particular thing. I am trying to figure out how the game handles storing map data and loading it, as I want to add functionality to during runtime say...update a tile to become something else. like; To this but in runtime...
  11. Leon95s

    Question about map designing

    Hi guys, nice to be part of the community I'm also very excited to start my first serious project! :rock-right: So my first post ever here and it's already a question, maybe someone can help? :) I was wondering if I create a map where all the stuff should happen in the game, but if I want to...
  12. Galv

    Galv's Map Travel MZ

    Map Travel RPG Maker MZ Plugin Galv Introduction A new scene that uses your own custom graphics for the player to select locations on a map. Features A scene that shows a custom map graphic (that you will need to create) and a list of locations that can be added/removed/changed from the...
  13. Eliaquim

    Eli Note Weather - Controls your weather in the map note tags!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction Making climate changes can be tiring when you have a game based on them. Every time you enter a house, having to remove the rain for example. So this plugin facilitates climate management on maps automatically through the notes of each map, making the process...
  14. ScSWinter

    RMMZ Map Zoom

    Important Merged with my main script, please refer to it for updates on map zoom: Description This script allows you to show maps with a default zoom. When activated the zoom of the...
  15. caethyril

    Caethyril's MZ Plugins

    Caethyril's RMMZ Plugins Updated 2020-12-14: General - Cae_WindowMotion v1.3 Looking for RPG Maker MV plugins? Click here! Features :kaohi: I've made some plugins for RPG Maker MZ! Here's a list of them with brief feature descriptions. The dates are when each plugin was last updated. For...
  16. Sigony

    [Desktop] Copy/Delete Maps In-Game - Sigony's Map Additions

    Sigony's Map Additions by Sigony version 1.1 Introduction This RMMV plugin allows you to copy and delete maps using plugin commands, meaning this can happen in-game. This has some powerful possibilities for those with imagination. Important This plugin manipulates your project's files and...
  17. Fix pictures on large maps

    Hello. What I'm trying to do, is to fix multiple pictures to a large map (100x100). Unfortunately, none of the existing plugins seem to work as intended on a map this large. So far I've tried Orange Overlay, TDDP_BindPicturesToMap, and TTK_FixPicture. Orange Overlay is a little useless to me...
  18. kyonides

    KToad XP

    KToad XP Because you always wanted to become a toad! by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction I think this is self evident by now, the scriptlet will allow you to create some intriguing Toad skill + state combo. The script will work while you're walking on the map or even fighting some reckless...
  19. athanasynt

    Beastie Bay-like Travelling System

    There's this mobile game called Beastie Bay that I really like, and one thing I love about it is the explore system (I don't know how to explain it so I'll attach a pic)...
  20. Black Pagan

    RMMV Help me - Suggest Enemy Ideas for these Map Locations

    Help me by suggesting whatever kind of Enemies that comes to your mind when you hear of these Map Locations, Just remember that its a Futuristic setting so no Roman Soldiers or Witches or Magical stuff. Just Realistic, Sci-Fi and Futuristic enemies. Suggest a single enemy, Multiple enemies or...

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