1. Scorps

    SERVICE Puzzle Maker/Mapper/Parallax Mapper for projects

    Hello! I'm Scorps, 27 years old, speaking English and German. I offer my service as a (parallax) mapper and/or puzzle maker for any Rpgmaker MV project(incl. 18+ and "Collectathon"). If you work with VXA, i will only do parallax maps. Below are pictures of parallax maps I made in the past and a...
  2. Quimey

    SERVICE Mapper / Parallax Mapper for projects

    Hi, there! I am here to offer my services as a mapper for any RPG Maker MV project. I enjoy working with Parallax Mapping, and despite I'm not the best mapper out there, I consider myself very good at map design. Here are some examples of the latest maps I've made: I use the Parallax...
  3. L7C

    FREE [DARK ECHO] Mapper / Artist / Musician needed

    PROGRAM USED: RPG Maker MV GENRE: Fantasy RPG PROJECT INFO: RECRUITING RPG MAKER MV MAPPER : In order to focus on the chapters, and to create an attractive and intriguing world for the players. Any level welcome ! ARTIST : To bring to the Dark Echo universe your artistic touch and make it...
  4. FREE (Looking for pixel artist/mapper) Vocaloid Synchronicity Game

    Hiya~ I'm working on a project with a small team currently right now that is making a game based on a vocaloid song series called Synchronicity. We are looking for someone to do 32x32 sprites for the main characters of the series. Adding custom tilesets would also be a plus, but not a necessity...
  5. Uzuki

    FREE Recruiting Team For DEX: Strange Residence

    Genre: Survival Horror RPG Engine: RPG Maker MV Estimated Time of Release: October 2020 --- ~~~Synopsis & Overview~~~ It's an average night for the paranormal detective, Jovon Williams; head to the Fincher Supernatural Museum and exorcize the spirits inside. But this job is different. The...
  6. demifiend700

    FREE Aetheria (Recruiting Spriter)

    Plot: For hundreds of years, the kingdom of Lyonesse has been a shining beacon of hope and prosperity across the land. That all changed however, when a Lyonessian general named Eisenhardt sold his soul to the demon Apollyon in exchange for extraordinary power. With his newly obtained dark...
  7. JustinK

    FREE Harry Potter (and the Sorcerer's Stone) Game

    Hello there fellow RPG Makers! Like the title says I am looking for people who want to make a Harry Potter RPG Game with me. If you like Harry Potter, or just wizards and witches, read on and perhaps we will be working with each other very soon! As I am just starting out it is too much work to...
  8. Dirge

    TRADE The Garden Path (LF a Mapper and a Spriter!)

    Hey everyone! I am Dirge, and I'm the project lead of The Garden Path. This is a fairly ambitious project that's been a few years in the making - the plot was originally meant to be a comic book, and then a novel, and then a VX Ace project, but due to a whole bunch of real life happening, my...
  9. Rhino

    TRADE (Closed) Looking for Mapper/Level Designer!

    This game is currently in the early development stage. We'll be using default rtp maps to later be updated when a mapper joins the team. Engine: RPG Maker MV Disclaimer: This game has lgbt themes. Heir to the throne of Alundria, Princess Yvenne finds herself in a difficult position: does...
  10. alennor

    Available mappers? Willing to trade :)

    Hey there!:kaoblush: Are there any available mappers here? I willing to trade skills for the maps, what i need is a fantasy capital of a certain kingdom which need to have a lively atmosphere such as: This is just as reference or a theme of what i'm looking for, The capital will be divided in...
  11. NeroAkuryoo

    Chronicles of Fendram: Two Sided [Recruiting]

    Hello, is everyone doing okay? Right, then let me welcome you to the recruiting thread for "Chronicles of Fendram". Since I don't wan to give too much of the game away here and also don't want you guys to think it's soemthing too basic, I ask you to please understand why I won't enter in details...
  12. Arcmagik

    FREE Legion Saga MV [Recruiting Mappers]

    There exists in the annals of the yesteryear a game that was considered a classic of the cloistered community of the RPGMaker 2000 engine. It was released in 2001 during a time when there were a few actual completed games... it went on to spawn an entire trilogy of games and an attempted remake...
  13. JessieK

    Wastelanders is looking for a mapper

    Hey guys today I am asking for help creating a few maps in RPG maker MV. Right now I am looking for people to work on Wastelanders to help create four unique looking cities that are complex and detailed. Be aware for some of the maps you may be using custom tilesets so don't bring me...
  14. Ace VII

    Altars of Fate -Chronicles of the Heaven's Crest- HD (Recruitment REBOOT)

    WORLD MAP       Elberia, a prosperous empire that rules over the continent of Sidonya. Together with the 2 kingdoms of it's alliance, Ravena a kingdom of elves, and Illiaveros, known for it's fine agricultural upraising. 9 years ago, these three kingdoms were...
  15. kyuukyuu

    Artist joining the pack~

    Hey guys~  I've been with Reverie studios for awhile and work on the few projects as a parallax mapper and also an artist~  I do wish to open an art shop soon to get by TwT I've just recently got kicked out of school due to financial problems... and hope that my art might catch some of...
  16. EddyVizion

    Project Raven - Recurting Mappers, Scriptwriters and More..

    PROJECT RAVEN Thanks you for taking your time to look up this forum post and welcome to Project Raven. Project Raven is just a code name, the real name will be decided as a group   This is a start of a new game that I really want to get started with. The aim of the game is to make an JRPG game...
  17. RpgN00B

    Team Recruitment for: Tales of Betrayal

    Tales of Betrayal Jobs: Key: Red= Taken Green= Open Blue= Pending Current Positions: Director (1/1) Mapper (0/2) - Creating detailed maps and towns to your liking. Scripter (0/1) - Someone who has a basic knowledge of RGSS3 or Ruby and can create or edit scripts. Graphics Designer...
  18. Ace VII

    A Kingdom by the Sea Recruitment

    Graseia, a peaceful kingdom beknown to neighboring kingdoms. Lloyd V. Freigen, to be crowned as a prince has found out the conspiracy of his father, Xander J. Freigen, the king. Having found out that the kingdom he knew was a lie, Lloyd has escaped from the castle and started to investigate and...
  19. holydeva

    RPG Maker VX Ace Immortal Souls Recruiting

    *** UPDATED (18/05/2016) ***     UPDATE 6:  In need of a Concept Artist (for general game based concept art). In need of a Concept Artist (for designing character weapons). Also,  in need of Voice actors (still open). We are going to attempt to add some voice acting to...
  20. Ansreng

    Searching for a mapper!

    Hi, i am currently looking for an assistant mapper for the game Critical Downside: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/38295-critical-downside/ Parallax mapping is used and i would appreciate your help. I can answer your further questions via personal message or comment.

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