mapping doubt

  1. Momonica

    The chimney disappears in the playtest.

    I put chimneys on all my houses but if they are in this roof tile (the one in the screenshots) they disappear in the playtest: Does anybody know why this happens? I hope it isn't this tile because i would have to remake the house, but then again I can't have the blacksmith house have no...
  2. shadefoundry

    The Old Map Size Question

    So normally my mapping style is pretty condensed. I like to start with the small 17x13 map and slowly expand it in size as needed rather than start with a big map and then force myself to fill in space. I feel this makes my maps look a bit more organic and they work better on a conception level...
  3. marcvs

    How works the tiles on VXAce

    When I started to play with the RPG Maker I loved the RMXP because of the layer feature for mapping, that was an amazing tool, and when the RMVX was released I confess my disappointment with the mapping options. Well, my doubt is how exactly works the mapping options on RMVX Ace, at first...

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