1. TheGameAfter

    Tile Tools/Plugins - Resources (TGA)

    Hey Game Maker, I come with another Resources post, this time is a full helpful Plugins/Tools for Tiles, things like: - Resize Tiles from VX/XP to MV. - Change the Tile size used in the 'MV Engine' (so you can use different default tile size then x48 pixel). - Build maps with 3 layers (like in...
  2. L7C

    FREE [DARK ECHO] Mapper / Artist / Musician needed

    PROGRAM USED: RPG Maker MV GENRE: Fantasy RPG PROJECT INFO: RECRUITING RPG MAKER MV MAPPER : In order to focus on the chapters, and to create an attractive and intriguing world for the players. Any level welcome ! ARTIST : To bring to the Dark Echo universe your artistic touch and make it...
  3. Kes

    Mapping an auto tile area so you can walk under it

    HOW TO MAP A DOORWAY YOU CAN WALK UNDER, A 'SECRET' PATH, ARCHWAY, WHATEVER YOU FANCY IN AN AUTO TILE AREA This tutorial is made as a result of a request. NOTE it doesn’t matter if you are using VX Ace or MV, the process is identical. People often want the player to walk under tiles to get...
  4. Lilly

    TRADE Elemental Light - I...really need help.

    Teho!~ I thank you for even clicking on this thread...I'm in quite a pickle..Tilesets are very hard to make... I've tried multiple times over the course of my development time, I'm no good... Here's the original game development thread Elemental Light. Engine: RMMV Synopsis...
  5. How Do I Make a "Border Exit" Without Plopping a Bunch of Event Squares?

    I am currently running a "practice project" to learn how to use RPG Maker MV (currently v1.62). The starting town has no fencing around it due to the fact that it is a mostly destroyed town. However, to prevent confusion, I would have to make sure all the borders of the map lead to the overworld...
  6. gothicmiriel

    what are some rpg maker game with beautiful mapping?

    i just want to play some pretty games haha
  7. Trying to find a Keymapper

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to find a decent keymapper for MV. I'm using "ZE - Keymapper" and it works ok, but not completely how I'd like it to. Also, I'm trying to use GALVS Jump ability, and when I turn ZE Keymapper ON, it stops the jump from working. Any thoughts? It doesn't HAVE to be a...
  8. Re-binding mouse buttons.

    I'm looking for a way to rebind my mouse keys. Right now I have my left-click shooting projectiles with Galvs Map Projectiles, but I'm hoping to bind right click to a separate attack (or visa versa.) Currently it brings up menu/cancels, but I don't want it to do that. Thanks in advance everyone.
  9. Nightblade50

    Nightblade50's Mapping Workshop

    Workshop Status: Closed at This Time Welcome to my mapping workshop. A lot of mapping talent is needed to post in Classifieds, and since I have very little of that in anything I use resource workshops. If you suck at mapping or don't want to spend the time, hit me up :p Disclaimer: I don't...
  10. DantonSlip

    Parallax mapping

    PARALLAX MAPPING (almost) Hi! I'll share here a simple way to make something that looks like a parallax. It will allow you to make beautiful maps easily! PREREQUISITS: - Photoshop (or Krita, CSP, Gimp, whatever you use to make your assets :LZSsmile: and if it's a first time for you, Krita...
  11. Large map advice/tips

    Hey people, so basically I'm starting a my first large scale project in mv. I'm looking to make a large map that's broken into 9/10 big areas, that will have quest item to find, puzzles to that progress the main story, upgrade items, etc. Where is a good place to start? I've done some drawings...
  12. Faye Valentine

    Maps: Simple VS. Complex

    "The necessity for complexity in maps has born from the lack of resources that RTP gives, failing to fulfill aesthetic expectatives of said maps." Okay. After something happened to me, which left me questioning myself in a lot of aspects, I decided to bring up this discussion here. And so, I'll...
  13. Knighteriius

    Diagonal Interior Roofs When Parallax Mapping

    Hey guys, (hopefully this is the right place, I said how do my head and wound up here from the description) I've been really getting into parallax mapping lately, I am finding it a lot of fun. Although I notice a lot of pro mappers start getting really dynamic in their ability to produce...
  14. Parallax Panda

    Looking for the ”best” parallax mapping plugin

    I’ve done some parallax mapping before but after many plugin creators have left (or gone into hibernation?), I’m no longer sure which plugin to use for parallax mapping. Since the engine will keep updating, using something that’ll not get updated anymore isn’t a good idea. Worse even of the...
  15. Elliott404

    Building city/cities guide?

    Despite that I have references, I can't put what's in my head directly into Krita without having an image right in front my face:kaocry:. No matter how I imagine the city look like, I need something like a generator/image to help me keep up with my imagination before implementing them into Krita.
  16. How important is sense a of scope in mapping to you?

    Most JRPGs rely on visiting certain locations to get information or achieve certain objectives. In old-school RPGs, the amount of stuff to do in any given town tends to be proportional to the size of the map itself. Example: Pokemon's Pallet Town is, in all its game incarnations, essentially...
  17. odinnightowl

    Monsters' Mapping Workshop

    As it has been brought to my attention, I need to up my mapping game prior to going paid route of mapping. So in order to do this I will be offering my services for free for a short while. Rules are simple, I can make maps on any of the RPG Makers as I own them all. You must also own a legal...
  18. AmieLK

    Parallax Mapping and the Starting Position

    Hi all! So I've gotten into parallax mapping, and thus far it works great. I have no issues with player mobility, binding the picture to the map, etc etc. It all works just fine. The issue is that when I set the player's starting position anywhere where the starting framing wouldn't be the top...
  19. Yuuka

    Door placement: need advise

    Firstly, i apologize for my bad english here. Generally, house or building in RPG Maker games just have one doorway/entrance if you want go to inside it. I think thats weird if ALL houses and buildings just have one side doorway. My idea is to make another doorway from the other side of the...
  20. Bangooie

    Mapping Advice and assistance

    Hey guys, after years I am picking RM back up and I am super excited. Gonna make a game I have made a design document for years ago and I am super hyped to start making the game. I have done some research and have come to the conclusionj that parallax mappingis the superior way to enhance your...

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