1. yuuya

    RMMV Map option

    Hello everyone i wanted to ask about map option , i want to make map option on the menu(same as status, skill, item Etc) but i dont know how to make it im using rpg maker MV , please let me know if anyone have the solution
  2. Arthran

    Orange Mapshot [MZ]

    OrangeMapshotMZ v1.7 by Hudell (ported by Arthran) Introduction I have ported Hudell's Orange Mapshot plugin over to MZ. This plugin allows you to save your map as an image, which can be useful for parallax mapping (among other things). MZ does have a built-in feature for saving maps as images...
  3. m1y4mura

    RPG Maker-style map maker

    Is there any programs with good tile based map making where I could build maps for my game in rpg maker? The mapping there is fine but I'm getting a little bit frustrated with the tileset limitation. I could use a photo editing software, but working whit autotiles that way is a pain in the ass.
  4. SGHarlekin

    World map Yay or Nay?

    So I'm currently working on a linear story RPG and I was pondering whether or not to have a world map. Personally, I lean more towards having no world map, mostly because I never really liked wandering around on them, fighting random encounters and generally just looking for "where the hell do I...
  5. ConnyState

    What's the best way to parallax map?

    I'm interested in parallax mapping my game, I remember how to do it, but I've been wondering if over the years new stuff has come out to make parallaxing easier or more convenient.
  6. Help! Need House Template Design For 17x13

    Hello, could you help me please about Mapping? I'm so bad at it. Just give me a standart/simple design of interior house in 17x13 size. Thank you!
  7. slimmmeiske2

    Game & Map Screenshots 12

    Game & Map Screenshots 12 This thread is meant for showing off screenshots or maps made for your project, and to comment on or give advice to other members. Screenshots of any Maker (including Visual Novel Maker) is welcome. No other game engines are allowed. In-game screenshots and maps...
  8. JohnDoeNews

    Would people pay for this?

    In the past few days I've been working on a huge world map. And you guys have been responding to it as if I created the actual country myself. (Thanks for that, seriously!!) On facebook I got over a 100 responses from other devs in just a few hours, and they were all very positive. On the forum...
  9. desertbriar

    Mapping and Map Design tips

    Hello! I made a little guide on mapping techniques I use. This may or may not be more advanced as it assumes you know some of the basics of the map editor. This tutorial doesn't cover autotiles, I don't really use them since I prefer more detail with manual mapping. I usually draft my maps in...
  10. Shawnyadeadhomie

    FREE REQUEST Need a decent amount of help. Will fully share credit and creative control.

    So I have a pretty ambitious project to make the kind of game that's in the vein of the sorts of games I love. I have already purchased a commercial license to the Alpha ABS system, all of Yanfly's plugins, as well as a few resource and music packs. I have also compiled a list of plugins that I...
  11. gaydarade

    Walk Behind Transparent Foreground

    Intro. Hey all, I'm a longtime lurker, and these forums have been a huge help to me in the past so I wanted to give something back. This is a tutorial for how to selectively fade out foreground elements! This question has been asked a few times throughout the forum, in different contexts, so I...
  12. Milennin

    Mapping A layer without wiping B layer?

    I'm going to guess it's not possible, but I want to know if there's a way to map the A layer without it wiping whatever was placed on the B layer?
  13. Character Won't Move No Matter What

    I just picked up VX Ace and I'm trying to make a fangame of LISA: The Painful, but whenever I place my character on a map they absolutely refuse to move unless I use the ctrl+arrow key. I've already double-checked that the tileset I'm using is set to an "o", so it shouldn't be impassible, and...
  14. Darkbeetlebot

    Is there a way to make faux non-euclidean maps?

    For an example of what I'm talking about, look at footage of a game called Antichamber. My idea is to have a map which has invisible portals at different points that lead to other maps, but transition seamlessly instead of fading in and out so that the player THINKS they're in the same room, but...
  15. Elgigante94

    Question about mapping

    Hi Fellas, A little question: What is the best (and most "RPG" compliant) way to create our interior maps, with the outside walls or without? WITH : WITHOUT : Sometimes, people are letting the outside walls and other makers are removing them. A preference? Thanks for your advices !
  16. riggy2k3

    Creating a shadow overlay using pictures

    Hi RPGMakerWeb! I'm working on a game that utilizes a hub worldmap (a modern city) and I want to create a picture layer of shadows for buildings. I've created the image using Photoshop and while the desired effect isn't quite there yet, I did run into a major problem. When I create an event...
  17. TheGameAfter

    Tile Tools/Plugins - Resources (TGA)

    Hey Game Maker, I come with another Resources post, this time is a full helpful Plugins/Tools for Tiles, things like: - Resize Tiles from VX/XP to MV. - Change the Tile size used in the 'MV Engine' (so you can use different default tile size then x48 pixel). - Build maps with 3 layers (like in...
  18. L7C

    FREE REQUEST [DARK ECHO] Mapper / Artist / Musician needed

    PROGRAM USED: RPG Maker MV GENRE: Fantasy RPG PROJECT INFO: RECRUITING RPG MAKER MV MAPPER : In order to focus on the chapters, and to create an attractive and intriguing world for the players. Any level welcome ! ARTIST : To bring to the Dark Echo universe your artistic touch and make it...
  19. Kes

    Mapping an auto tile area so you can walk under it

    HOW TO MAP A DOORWAY YOU CAN WALK UNDER, A 'SECRET' PATH, ARCHWAY, WHATEVER YOU FANCY IN AN AUTO TILE AREA This tutorial is made as a result of a request. NOTE it doesn’t matter if you are using VX Ace or MV, the process is identical. People often want the player to walk under tiles to get...
  20. Lilly

    TRADE REQUEST Elemental Light - I...really need help.

    Teho!~ I thank you for even clicking on this thread...I'm in quite a pickle..Tilesets are very hard to make... I've tried multiple times over the course of my development time, I'm no good... Here's the original game development thread Elemental Light. Engine: RMMV Synopsis...

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