1. AmieLK

    Parallax Mapping and the Starting Position

    Hi all! So I've gotten into parallax mapping, and thus far it works great. I have no issues with player mobility, binding the picture to the map, etc etc. It all works just fine. The issue is that when I set the player's starting position anywhere where the starting framing wouldn't be the top...
  2. Yuuka

    Door placement: need advise

    Firstly, i apologize for my bad english here. Generally, house or building in RPG Maker games just have one doorway/entrance if you want go to inside it. I think thats weird if ALL houses and buildings just have one side doorway. My idea is to make another doorway from the other side of the...
  3. Bangooie

    Mapping Advice and assistance

    Hey guys, after years I am picking RM back up and I am super excited. Gonna make a game I have made a design document for years ago and I am super hyped to start making the game. I have done some research and have come to the conclusionj that parallax mappingis the superior way to enhance your...
  4. Hagal_

    Re-mapping of the "X"button for other purposes

    Hello everybody, I have checked for different ways to do this (Plugins, remapping, in editor commands, google & so on...) but haven´t been able to solve the problem... What I want is to remove the "open menu" functionality put on the "X" button on the keyboard. I still want the menu to open on...
  5. Kage

    Should I be parallax mapping from the start or after completing the project?

    Hi everyone. So I have a dilemma, I have seen article somewhere recommending to first focus on completing the skeleton of your project. What I mean by it is to finish the game play, story, all quests, equipment, mechanics, basics maps etc. Then after get it tested and ask for feedback but only...
  6. tylerexists10101

    Anyone good at mapping?

    I don't belive anyone is out there kind enough to make me a map as big as I want; but if so, can someone PLEASE make me a small parallax map with (few but still existing) scattered dynaming trees, rocks, small hills, ponds; and an overall grassland setting? (for an example, kind of like the...
  7. eat beans

    Animated Parallaxes?

    Does anyone know how to animate parallaxes? I have yet to find a plugin that can do it. Thanks.
  8. Crow5derlock

    Map overlay buildings on other maps

    The request: I am requesting a script that would allow me to place one map on top of another map like a parallax, but with all of the functionality and tile reading from the second map. Details: I would like to be able to use event notes or script calls for the process to work. One event would...
  9. Celianna

    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    Game & Map Screenshots 10 This thread is meant for showing off screenshots or maps made for your project, and to comment on or give advice to other members. Screenshots of any Maker is welcome. No other game engines are allowed. In-game screenshots and maps only, please. If you're...
  10. The Mighty Palm

    FREE Seeking Mapper

    Engine: RMVxAce (if you have XP or MV that'd work too. explained below) Synopsis: Lichbane is a very short Dragonquest inspired single-actor RPG. You play as Erica, the daughter of the knight Derrick who slayed the Lich several years prior to the games events. However the Lich has returned...
  11. Deldel

    Auto-Tiles in Tiled : Parallax Mapping made easier

    Hi! This is a short tutorial to show you how to work with RPG Maker's autotiles in Tiled to make pre-rendering mapping easier. If you do not know what Tiled is, it's a program that allows you to create maps with Tilesets (like RPG Maker) but with the added bonus of an unlimited number of layers...
  12. HelloHinnie

    Walking in the walls,even when the tile is supposed to not do it?

    So i made a hall with a unique tileset combination for it based on the rpg maker vx ace pre-set,but the wall that came in the pre-set is totally passable,even when it's marked to not.I used that same wall in the other rooms but they are just fine.I don't know why,but i think that what's causing...
  13. Fading overlay map

    Hi, sort question, I#ve got this weird idea of an map fading out and be replaced with an similar map underneat, which is under the fading map. Technically the second map could also fade in. Does somebody know a way to make this with events possible or do I need a parralax? If so, how can I...
  14. KiraK320

    Parallax Map Script Request

    I just upgraded from VX to VX ACE, and I really need a parallax mapping script for VX ACE. I always used Hanzo Kimura's Ultimate Parallax Mapping Script for VX, but I'm not sure if there's a version of this for VX ACE, or if it's even the best one to use! I'd really appreciate some help. I need...
  15. Sixth

    Map Objects - v1.2 (26/08/2020)

    #=============================================================================== # * [ACE] Map Objects #=============================================================================== # * Made by: Sixth (, # * Version: 1.2 # * Updated: 12/04/2019...
  16. GuanyuMaker

    Maps and Characters in different styles.

    Hello everyone! I've bought recently the whole Time Fantasy package. While I like everything on it I really dont want that map style on my actual project but I still want to use charsets and SV battlers from it. Said that I've been trying to evaluate how it feels to have TF characters in maps...
  17. Nitrogue

    Custom Make Overworld

    Hey guys, I'm in the midst of working on an RPG game similar to Pokemon/Zelda/Earthbound, whereby the player is able to move from one town to a route and then to a forest seamlessly without having to step on a tile to get transported to a specific map. In other words, there is no switching...
  18. Nitrogue

    Parallax Map Making - I see 4 tiled images instead of full image (Fixed!)

    I'm creating a custom map for my RPG game. I recently created a background artwork following the game map's dimension (408x312) via Photoshop. When I load it in via Parallax Background, instead of seeing the background in full, I see four separate images. Any reason for this? Note: I had saved...
  19. Akrib

    Unload specific images from cache/ Cache Organisation

    Hello everyone, I searched a lot, but it seems like this has never really been adressed properly: Is there a script-call or a plugin to unload specific images from the image-cache? This should be an important question for a lot of parallax mappers. I know that there is the automatic garbage...
  20. Isabella Ava

    Mapping Workshop - Sample Maps available

    Welcome to Isabella's Map Workshop! Here i make map for RPG Maker MV engine, there are also Free Sample Map available. I'm open to request so feel free to ask if you want some maps Rule: - I have the right to accept/ refuse any request that i wish to Available Slots: 1 - Empty 2 - Empty...

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