1. Rhino

    MV School Round 1 Winners & Round 2 Announcement!

    Hello everyone! Thanks for your patience! It took a while to reorganise everything in light of the decision to implement a story mode, but I’m delighted to finally be announcing the winners of Round 1 and the launch of our new submission round! We really enjoyed going through everything that’s...
  2. nijineko

    Why do RM buildings/structures have no inside doors?

    As I was map building, I noticed that there seem to be little to no inside doors for buildings or structures. For example, virtually all the built-in maps of building-insides have no doors, even where such doors would be logical to have (bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, closet/storage rooms...
  3. How do I enable autotiling?

    I know this is a dumb question but I searched for a good 30min for an answer to this. How do I tell rpgmakermv that a set of tiles is made for autotiling?
  4. NeoFantasy

    How do you go about making huge maps

    When designing open areas in my games, I tend to make them a series of interconnected maps (Think like the Original Zelda) However, I’ve been far more ambitious in my new title and designing open areas my old way isn’t giving me the scope I’m looking for. I’m currently working on a 100x100 map...
  5. Dreeks

    Orange Overlay issue

    Hello, I'm using both Orange Overlay plugin and the Chrono engine plugin, but when i have parralax tileset on a map there is some graphic issues, (when the hero attack or use item) i'll show you that in this video: As you can see, the hero appearing above the parralax when the user attack or...
  6. Soul Tech

    Priorities when starting a project. (poll)

    Over time and after abandoning several projects I was doubtful about which are the priorities that users take into account when starting a new project. When I talk about priorities, I refer to the importance that they give to each of the development phases that an RMK project has, such as the...
  7. Mapping question

    So I've created this character file and he works perfectly on the map except that he seems to float 4 - 6 pixels above the base line for all the other things on my map. Is this because I've adjusted the screen to wide screen resolution (1280x720) or is it something I've done wrong in creating...
  8. OceansDream

    Mapping Tips

    I asked some people about tips for making better maps. I also wrote some as well. Here you go! They are grouped by contributor. By Ocean’s Dream: -When mapping, keep the exits of the area clear. You want the players to know where they can leave the map instead of having it hidden by excessive...
  9. Yitzi Litt

    Request for layer ordering plugin

    I would love to have a plugin that allows one to change the render order of layers in a given scene (map layers, parallax, battleback, GUI, etc.). Potential benefits include being able to put parallax maps in between the map layers (thus not affecting, say, trees), having GUI be obscured by...
  10. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome

    Mapping resources

    I’m not sure wherent post this so please, feel free to move it mods if I get it wrong! I have a question in regards to mapping and the resource packs, ie. if I am the mapper for a team and I’ve bought all the resource packs previously, but no one in the team has them, I can still use them to...
  11. eat beans

    Not Tiled Mapping

    what is the easiest way to make maps and insert them into the game that aren’t made out of tiles. I want to make the whole entire map in my pixel art software, and then insert it into the game. Is there any way to do that?
  12. Rabosion

    Mapping Workshop (Closed)

    Greetings traveler. Welcome to my Workshop. Here you can request 1 map (per person per turn) of your choosing, be it parallax or not. My goal with this workshop is to help you travelers make new worlds to explore for the players, and in the process to improve my mapping skills. Notice! : Not...
  13. Parallax Panda

    Map Layout Advice & Opinions

    This will be a rather lengthy explanation so bear with me! I've run into a little bit of a problem with the mapping style I've chosen, and I rather not change the style because I've put a lot of time and effort into it (and I think it looks good). The problem is that it's difficult to map rooms...
  14. MobileSuitSonic

    Mapping Advice

    In trying to figure out how to proceed through my project, I was wondering how I could go about a portion that takes you though a mountainous region. Not necessarily under a mountain range (an earlier portion already does that), I want to do something that's above ground. Any ideas?
  15. Hero_Claive

    Thoughts on how to make a "Colony 6" in RPG Maker?

    This idea sort of came to me when I was thinking of story elements I wanted to add to my game; how would one go about making a ruined civilization (a large map, in technical terms) that you can upgrade and add features to? For the uninformed, Colony 6 is an area in the game Xenoblade...
  16. How do I make my maps look similar to Avernum?

    It seems like the basic RPG Maker VX Ace program supports basic horizontal/vertical maps, and I'm unsure on what's the word to describe the map I want. The most I want my map to look like is to be similar to Avernum. ..Slightly.. tilted...
  17. Sythian Bard

    Multiple Scrolling Backgrounds below Tile Layers

    I would like to have underneath the main tile layer 2 scrolling backgrounds. Basically, Tile Layer - World Map (Continents and such, like floating islands in the sky) Background Layer 1 - Scrolling Cloud Layer (Clouds just beneath floating islands) Background Layer 2 - Scrolling (only when...
  18. Lady

    [Close] Lady Leknaat's mapping workshop

    I wish to offer my services in parallax mapping. Strength and weakness: I can edit tileset, add effect on your map. I work much faster on interior than exterior. I'm not good with sci-fi/futuristic & horror. Request template: Project Name : Map type : Interior / Exterior ( city / desert...
  19. BrandedTales

    Showing perspective on maps

    Had a lot of trouble deciding where to post this, so if I'm in the wrong spot, apologies! While this has direct implications for my game, it is more of a broad question. To those with The Mapping (Or other Artistic) Skills... How would you show perspective on a map with very tall buildings...
  20. michaelmartin341

    Cold Desert

    No, not ice cream, that's a cold dessert (sorry, I couldn't resist). I am unsure of how to go about mapping a this area. I know its going to be pretty barren, but I'd like to have some little bits here and there. Mainly so that I'm not just wandering around a big empty space. I have a few icy...

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