1. tae_ka_pre

    Tips/Stuff newbies NEED to know before you make a game in RPG makers (mostly MV)

    Stuff I didn't know and took me like 3 whole months before realizing they were a thing because I was too stuck thinking people are just making it complicated. Note that these tips kinda require you have a basic knowledge of events and the basic stuff about game making. I'm a newbie as well but...
  2. Caz

    Map Your Life!

    I posted this over on RMN and it's had some good responses so far, so I figured I'd bring it over here too. Feel free to move this if it's not in the right subforum, I couldn't really find anywhere for it to go. :D;; We had an idea in one of Liberty's streams where we get a thread going and...
  3. FoxySeta

    How do I... map multiple gamepads (multiplayer already implemented)?

    Ok so I know nothing about js but I'd like to know how to map multiple controllers anyway: I guess you can't just edit the original mapper since it is probably designed for a single keyboard and a single gamepad. Maybe you have to script something in the core/api (no idea of what I'm saying...
  4. feckyeslife

    Save and Import Tileset Passabilities, etc

    Description of the Feature: The ability to save, export, and import tile passabilities (and ladder, terrain tags, all those features) Code for Implementation: I don't know the code for this, but my concept would rely upon a modification to the current Resource Manager to be able to import...
  5. KevinFrost

    Copy and Paste Map Portion In-Game [Advanced]

    Hey all! I've done some extensive Google searches and cannot seem to find what I am looking for, so I'm wondering if anyone here knows. There was a script for VX Ace that allowed for copying and pasting portions of a map from the same or different maps. This way you could have buildings...
  6. Saving Maps

    Friends can i create a map and save it to use later. I have a village for hunters and all of the base layouts will be the same so i figure why not just make a single template that i can paste in some way. Also is there a optimal or preferred map size for house interiors. I made mine one size...
  7. Frankito

    Help with mapping.

    Hey I was wondering if there was anyway to remove the brown dirt border I am receiving when trying to switch from different landforms on the overworld map and how to also seamlessly add a gate to a fence. I am only using the base files of MV, but I am having a blast learning, as I am an absolute...
  8. GummyHelix

    TRADE My Eventing for Your Mapping (RMVXACE)

    Hello! I'm currently working on a game that would greatly benefit from having beautiful maps on it that add to the scenery, considering most of the game is in its setting. However, I'm... not so good at mapping. This is a screenshot from the game. I paid for DS and DS+, so I have those...
  9. Shinma

    Bi-Weekly Mapping Challenge June 15th/30th

    Back in college some fellow students and I used to have a weekly challenge in whatever editing software that we were learning at the time. What we would do is either take a photo and do some recolors or describe a scene and have everyone create something based on the scene. The idea behind it is...
  10. Wyn Wizard

    FREE Arken Tales [Working Title] - Assisstance Needed

    As many times as I've tried to build a game, I've come to realize that there are just some things I not only do not have time for, but do not have the talent for. So I will start off by saying that while I can struggle to do what I can, I would rather have some help. Honestly, these positions...
  11. Starshine

    Blank Space Around Trees

    I've found I can't overlap trees because the tree on top has blank spaces around it. Any way to fix that? Thanks.
  12. Mieze

    My mapping Diary

    Hello! In another forum I was already able to do this, because I would like to mapping and this also gladly, I would like to make a own thread and present maps. I also mapping for others to. So I do not accept orders, but if I like a map I would be glad if I should make you a joy with it. You...
  13. Arcmagik

    Overview Map [Request/VX Ace]

    Resource Type: Map Maker Format: VX Ace (32px Grid) Art Style: Mack-Editor/Parallax, Celianna's World Map Maker, Artist's Choice Description: I need a Overview Map that was built in MV (based on a 2k3 Map) rebuilt since I switched to VX Ace and changed styles. I attempted to use Celianna's...
  14. shadefoundry

    The Old Map Size Question

    So normally my mapping style is pretty condensed. I like to start with the small 17x13 map and slowly expand it in size as needed rather than start with a big map and then force myself to fill in space. I feel this makes my maps look a bit more organic and they work better on a conception level...
  15. Kentang_Terbang

    Help ! about parallax mapping

    Guys out there.. do you have any explanation with this case ? sorry for my bad english..  btw lets get to the case.. I'm using "TDDP_BindPicturesToMap" plugin for parallaxMapping and it works well like this..   and the event setting goes like this.. But when I created a new map...
  16. Servidion

    Comfortable Parallax Size?

    So I've decided to start converting all of my maps to Parallax rather than tiles simply so I can edit them in Photoshop, but many of my tiled maps are just too large for parallax (the engine crashes when I try to import a large one as parallax). I need to split up my maps into smaller, more...
  17. darkotakusouls

    Coverup Tileset Items when Mapping?

    I just bought RPG Maker MV, and I'm trying to make a game. I like that tileset items can overlap each other, but I was wondering if there was a shortcut to replacing an item on the map instead of overlapping it. For example, if I place a rock on the map, then decide to change it to a bush I have...
  18. Luminous

    Can I still use this tile for commercial project

    Hi, I heard something bad happen to all kaus tileset user and the community warn us not to use his tileset for any commercial project or any project. I just ask one question, I already use this tileset so many times. And this tile is not the one with the issue, it's launch long long before...
  19. Bought DLC I Can't Use?

    So I just bought the "Horror Theme Park Set- NightmareLand" DLC. Everything looked fine until I actually tried placing tiles on a map. The background of each tile is all light green on the map! Not transparent how it should be! Does anyone know how to fix this? I'd like to get my money's worth...
  20. dnel57

    Mapping problem

    Can someone tell me how to correct or avoid this? I removed the shadow.Just looks worse. Thanks  

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