1. goldrat1

    Layered Tiles? Putting Tiles In Front Of Play

    I know that certain blocks will go in front of the player if the player goes behind it (e.g Treetop blocks), I was wondering if it was possible to do this with other blocks? For example, if I place down a potted plant, I walk right over the top of it (shown below) Drag files here to attach...
  2. Malevolence149

    Sleeper's Saga (Artistic Direction desired)

    Hello! I'm working on a small story-driven game. (Hahaha - of course I am...) Anyway, a synopsis is in the spoiler, and below that are a few things I'm looking for in potential teammates. What I'm looking for right now is someone - or a group - that can give this game artistic...
  3. Puffer

    [closed for now] Not your ideal mapping workshop

    closed. sorry... not really...
  4. Standard outside to inside ratio?

    Is there a standard way to figure out how big the inside of a building should be in relation to the outside? My buildings seem to be bigger inside compared to outside. I've been using a 25x17 base for inside.
  5. Shimbius

    Endless Dungeon [Recruitment]

    Hello world! My name is Matthew, and I am picking up work again on a project that has begun falling short after the summer. The name of the project is Endless Dungeon, and you can probably guess the premise from the title. That's right, a short visual novel with little to no gameplay! No, this...
  6. Yume nikki Fangame help

    Hello my name is Michael I am 12 years old and about to be 13 I am Currently Working on a Fangame Called After based on Yume nikki i am Average on making maps, script and pixel art and would love for some people to help! I don't have money so ill be looking for people who will help free of...
  7. Ari3s

    Synchronicity; a small-ish scale, Mother series inspired game in need of a team!

    Open Positions As the title entails, Synchronicity is a game with heavy inspiration from the Mother/EarthBound series (among other sources) that I want to make using RPG Maker VX Ace. But again, as the title entails, there's a not so teeny tiny, little problem. I need help. I have little to...
  8. Loppa

    POP! Horror City Speed Mapping Tutorials

    Youtube | Twitter Hi all, the series began on my channel, entirely dedicated to mapping (mapping speed) with RPG Maker VX Ace, the first episode of the length of about four minutes illustrates broadly how to create a small interior of a house of a town in typically American / Modern style...
  9. BigToastie

    What Types of Map do you Enjoy Mapping the Most?

    Hi Guys, I have been curious to what are your favorite types of map to create and the ones you find a bit tiresome to create? I personally love designing big cities, but then filling them up with NPCs can sometimes be a bit of a task, especially with diverse chat!  Other than that, I...
  10. rpgdreamer

    Parallax Mapping Art Inquiry

    Hello, everyone! I'll be making my second game, and I would like to give parallax mapping a spin. I have watched some tutorials, but all I have seen are people creating maps using premade patterns (such as already created trees and flowers) in order to create the map, and then making two...
  11. GoodSelf

    Question about designing in-editor battlebacks

    If I wanted to map out battle backs for each of my locations, what size should the map be, and what would be the best way to capture the whole map? This would be set up for MV - thanks in advance for your answers!  :D
  12. BigToastie

    Continuous Flow Style Mapping

    Hi Guys, So I am personally doing a continuous style mapping, so each area is explored rather then fast travel to dungeons etc. you have to walk (or unlock other means to get there). to get an idea of the question i want to ask: I have a design of how my map goes, but for my first...
  13. Help with parallax overlay

    Hi all! I had a quick question about my overlay. This is my first parallax map and I'm having a little issue with the overlay.  So I created a tileset with all blank tiles and set the passability of first three to "circle", "x", and "star". Then I drew over the image base so it would all...
  14. Nico Kaneo

    The Wolf Princess - Game Recruitment

    Hello, I am currently "hiring" for any members who would like to help me on a personal project, for my sister. I know the guidelines of this forum explicitely prohibit any submissions of personal projects, due to the team not feeling involved in how the game plays out. However, I am very...
  15. Nisshoku

    Parallax BG Moving Slightly With Player Movement

    So short and simple, is it possible to get a parallax background to move only when the player moves? For clarity, if a player is standing on a cliff or mountain, and the background looks like a terrain that's far below the player, it moves as they move. If this is possible, how would I go about...
  16. Nisshoku

    Cliff Map Help

    Okay, so short and sweet, I am trying to figure out how I would make a map, where the player is on a cliff, and when near the edge of the cliffs, you can see below what looks like a smaller version of a map, to appear as if the character is really high on the cliff. For image reference, I am...
  17. Maps and Dragons for RMMV

    Hello, I'll develop a fantasy game for educational purpose here in Brazil. I need help with art and mapping for RPG Maker MV. I'll need: a. dragon characters, both NPCs (with 12 motions) and playable/side view battlers (with both 12 and 54 motions); b.  parallax mapping; if you don't...
  18. Mooshry

    Chibi Cat and the Hunt for a Cake

    Ok. Read the title for the name of this game. Chibi Cat and the Hunt for a Cake, or CCatHfC is a non-commercial game made in RPG Maker MV. There are no screenshots yet, because i haven't even started the mapping.   Plot: Characters: I need:
  19. Fantasy Game for Educational Purpose

    Hello, I'll develop a fantasy game for educational purpose here in Brazil. I need help with art and mapping. I'll need: a. dragon characters, both NPCs (with 12 motions) and playable/side view battlers (with both 12 and 54 motions); b.  parallax mapping; if you don't know how to...
  20. Parallax Mapping Help

    FOR RPG MAKER MV: So, I've been trying to do Parallax mapping lately because I'm tired of having static maps and such for my game, however, nothing I'm doing is working...  All of the tutorials I see say "Just save the map as an image file and edit it that way" or "take a screencap and crop...

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