1. Admiral Styles

    Looking for a few good team members!

    Howdy, everyone! I'm Admiral Styles, creator of Love and War, as well as a few other little things like C'est Lavie and a StarCraft campaign or two (but never mind that). I'm here today because I'm seeking a few good team members for my latest endeavor, a new RPG set in the LAW universe! The...
  2. The Mighty Palm

    The End Game: Now recruiting a dream team.

    THE END GAME (Title WIP/Open to suggestion)     Welcome men, women, evil overlords, slimes, ponies, durians, and etc! *Durians no longer welcome due to odor A bit of introduction before we begin. This is a game I have already been working on for years now. The actually project itself is...
  3. _Shadow_

    [VX Ace] Parallax mapping. The very first! How it works.

    If you know how to make good maps, but not have an idea on how parallax mapping works, then this tutorial is for you. It doesn't show how to make great maps, that has been shown well already by other tutorials here and there. But I found out that it was somewhat intimmidatating for me to set a...
  4. CVincent

    CVincent's Parallax Mapping Guide

    Welcome to my parallax mapping guide! This tutorial will take you through the process of starting your first parallax map and adding it to your project as well as making simple edits to help your map look great. There's also some tips for semi-experienced users!   First I'd like to start by...
  5. _Shadow_

    [VX Ace Tutorial] Database Tilesets pdf.

    This is a tutorial I was requested to make. You can thank Dimitris for it. I wanna thank him too. He knows why! So here is a link to it! It explains the whole database Tileset concepts and options. It shows how to do some neat stuff too in the begining. Consider this a bonus! :p Updates...
  6. Steigrudar

    Any tips on effectively using the 2k3 RTP?

    So I've been playing around with my copy of 2k3 and I was trying to make an interesting building with the RTP, also trying to figure out how to use the ship chipset.   Any tips on identifying how parts are meant to be used.    Like the  Roof tiles for example seem a bit non-interchangable.    As...

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