1. Antonius

    Line up the parallax background with the tileset?

    I've been replacing 90% of RPG Maker with Dragonbones, and have been overall successful, and I'm happy with how it's going. However I've tearing my hair out with some of the "under the hood" problems that MV is giving me. I'm trying to keep my character sprites/events as center as possible to...
  2. Kato-A

    RMMV Collision maps plugins

    I was thinking about changing Qmovement and Qcollision maps since they always has problems with other plugins and it's tiring looking for alternatives or not doing things I want. I've seen that there are several pixel movemene plugins but I haven't seen any collision map plugins. There is some...
  3. TsukiAkari_Otome

    Where to sell maps

    Hi there, I have been absent for a long period. I'm confident nobody missed me. But I missed this forum a lot. I have a question, Is there a specific place or website to sell RPG Maker maps or I'll have to use my own Instagram? Thank you in advance.
  4. JohnDoeNews

    Would people pay for this?

    In the past few days I've been working on a huge world map. And you guys have been responding to it as if I created the actual country myself. (Thanks for that, seriously!!) On facebook I got over a 100 responses from other devs in just a few hours, and they were all very positive. On the forum...
  5. Juanita Star

    Importing MV maps to Ace

    Hope Im in the right forum. Thing is, I have this project on Ace that I cant import to MV because sprites stuff. But I want to use MV maps that I got on a pack in Ace. It is possible to transfer the MV maps to Ace?
  6. seilaalek

    RMMV i need help in Tiled

    well I need a lot of help because I've looked everywhere and I can't find the solution for that, I used tiled to create a map for the rpg maker mv, I use a plugin to remove the blur in fullscreen, and a plugin to change the resolution, I use the 1440x1040 resolution, the problem is that after...
  7. DeBaby28

    Map Feedback

    I created a walkway map. On this map, you walked from town to get to the community center. Along with this, I created monster areas around the map with three paths: - Training ground - World map - Druid Kingdom I included a mark-up of one image to show where everything is. Any feedback or...
  8. Warilized

    RMMV Is there a script for appending a map to another map

    I'm planning to make a game that have building progression in it's map, so I'm wondering is there a way script or no script to append a map data (it's drawn tiles and events) to other map? (Overwriting existing map drawn tiles with others). If there's not a script available, is it feasible or...
  9. TheeWARIO

    How to organize maps/if possible?

    So I'm a stickler for organized files and I noticed when creating Maps you can have 1-28 ">.> cough" or more maps made down at the bottom right corner of the creation screen... But they can easily get unorganized. The only way I know how to organize them is to copy and paste...but that can get...
  10. Takeshi014

    Takashi's XP/VXA/MV Map Workshop

    Hello!, I'm Takashi and this is my map creation workshop. I know the feeling, you have a really great idea in your head about how to create a certain area of your game only to find out that translating that idea to an actual map is way harder than it seems. That is where this workshop come in...
  11. MerlinCross

    Maps - Big vs Many

    I keep doing this. Eh mainly cause I'm trying to catch up on missing a couple years of discussion. I wonder which is better or more usable. Many maps or one big one. Is a huge map with small rooms that warp you from block to block better than moving to different maps entirely? Some instances...
  12. Black Pagan

    Minimal Map Sizes

    What are your suggestions for Minimal Map Sizes for the Following aspects, Considering Practical mapping design, Efficiency and Monitor Resolution : - A Vertically elongated Map (Player moves from Bottom to Top) (Used in my Game for Outdoor Maps) - A Horizontal elongated Map (Player moves from...
  13. Black Pagan

    A Question regarding Commissioned Maps - Map Editing

    I wasn't sure where to post this, Its more of a question related to Price check on Commissioned Maps. But here is the question - i was going to make a post looking for people to edit some of the default DLC maps for me. What i wanted to know was : Do you think its fair to pay a lesser price to...
  14. GreyWolfVino

    Region Map Names

    Hey fellow game makers, so I come across this issue. I recently expanded all my small maps into a bigger more detailed map but I still want every individual map/region to have a map name when the player enters that region/area. How would I go about doing so? Thank you so much in advance.
  15. Black Pagan

    RMMV Need Ideas - Biomes in a "Forest" themed Game

    A Few things about the Game : So, I have started planning this short 20 Minute Survival / Exploration Game where you play as a Girl in her early 20s, who heads off on a Journey to a Tropical Forest and tries her best to survive alone for 2 Weeks in the Forest. She is on a Mission to find...

    Is it possible for character/object goes off map & loops back from the other side without using loop map?

    Hi, I was just wondering this is possible or if there's a code for it somewhere. Basically I wanna make a character/object goes off the map and loops back from the other side of the same map WITHOUT using scroll type loop map? Hope it doesn't sound confusing or anything > <
  17. Ludi_Tarantula

    [RPG Maker MV] Maps disappearing for no reason.

    Hello... Good morning, evening, afternoon or...Every time of the day. Today we just opened the game project from the hard disk we keep it in and... This happened to some (three) maps If we try to playtest when we are in these maps, this error occurs. DETAIL: we load the map "Aula" the token &...
  18. atoms

    RPG Maker VX Sample Maps?

    I am certain when I last used RPG Maker VX a while ago there were some sample maps that came with the program, but I can't find them anywhere now. Does anyone know where they are stored and what folder? Thanks!
  19. Dragonfire967

    Overlay image over map for drawing?

    As the title may suggest. Is it possible to create a new map of a certain size (say 100 x 100 tiles), and then put an image overlay on it to draw your world to? For example, I have a world map I made using photoshop, and I want to make a map that matches the shape of my world map (as much as...
  20. OmgItsMisaChii

    Trouble with Tile sets

    Good evening everyone, I am kinda new to making games on RMVXA. I wanted to import custom tilesets off of the internet and I have found amazing tilesets however I have no clue what I'm doing wrong. {Check the attached image please} (C) is how they look like originally when I import them to...

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