1. Hudell

    Orange Mapshot

    Orange - Mapshots 1.0 Hudell Introduction This plugin will export the map to image files. The images will be created on a Mapshots folder on the same folder where the Game.exe is (When playtesting, that's inside the rpg maker/nwjs-win folder). Only works while playtesting and on...
  2. Niten Ichi Ryu

    Plugin Request: Mapshot

    One of the most useful and practical script that existed in ACE was, in my opinion, Tsukihime's Map screenshot script. It would allow you to take a good quality Screenshot of your full map, with events and Characters.  the save as image feature in MV is useful, but far less powerful that that...
  3. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Error with Tsukihime's Mapshot Script

    We are attempting to make a "Map" item using Tsukihime's Map Screenshot Script. Below is the download page for the script. However, upon installation, whenever we try to take the screenshot, the game...

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If the new RPG Maker's character generator produces full busts and can match the art styles of previous RPG Makers, that might be a big incentive to buy it. An easier way to craft custom map tile sheets though would probably be an even bigger game changer.
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