1. Featherbrain

    Best practices for sharing high quality GIFs online?

    (If this is the wrong forum for this, please move it. Thanks!) Lately I've been trying to share animated GIFs or MP4s of my game online. But both Imgur (bad) and Twitter (extremely bad) compress the living heck out of them, turning my proud, crisp pixel art into shamefully blurry...
  2. gRaViJa

    Better to make website/social media accounts with Game's title or Company/developer title?

    For a commercial game, what do you think is better: To make a website/social media accounts with the Game's title or with the Company/developer title? E.g. and or and I feel like the...
  3. DigitalWF

    (Need Tips)The most profitable game type (My market Research)

    So I have been browsing the web and do some market research for weeks from a popular indie game platform,To find some idea and inspirations to make games. I peeked on patreons from a lot of indie developer, and I am very surprised that it’s the adult game/NFSW game that is making good...
  4. NinjaKittyProductions

    Publishing, Self-Publishing or Game Center

    {MH} This is non-maker specific. Meaning, it can go for any game made with any rpg maker series engine. As we near having a playable demo available for one of our projects (Storybook Hero), we have started looking at different ways to market our game. There is the route of self-publishing...
  5. CrowStorm

    Scratching That Itch (dot io)

    So you guys know what an early adopter is, right? I am the opposite of that. Itch apparently came out in 2013? What? So theoretically I could have been using this platform to try and monetize my game making for FOUR YEARS if I'd started back in 2015, the last time I was active in RM before...
  6. Kupotepo

    Avalibility's Platforms For RPG Maker MV

    Most of us aware that RPG Maker MV can import to Window, Linux, Android, Mac, and HTML. How about Amazon Appstore? I saw that Amazon allowed Android and Web mobile. How about PlayStation 4? I saw that RPG Maker MV software publishes on the PlayStation Store. How about Xbox...
  7. VitaliaDi

    Advertising your game..?

    The views on my game finally went down to basically zero. It was doing well for a while. I've made use of these forums, reddit, and also trying to network directly with Youtubers/streamers. I got a few to play it. And I can see a trend with how active I am on forums and things. But I feel like...
  8. Canini

    Using character blogs as promotional marketing

    For those that don´t know, character blogs are a form of promotional material that purports to be written by a character from a game/book/film/whatever, in-universe and from their perspective, altough there may be a quite a bit of fourth-wall breaking as well. It used to be a quite popular...
  9. Matseb2611

    MV games on Mobiles - worth it?

    Heya all. Was very curious if anyone here on the forum has made a commercial game with MV and exported it to mobiles, and if yes, then what are your experiences? Is it worth the hassle (considering it's a bit of a lengthy process to convert it all)? What are the sales and exposure like? Is it...

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