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  1. Level 1 Quintillion Sourcesoulroar Joins In

    Greetings, gamers and game makers, my name is Zanckst, and I'm an aspiring game developer, songwriter and songcomposer, singer, guitarist, chef and martial artist. I'm content to be here, and glad to be making your acquaintance. I'm not exactly new to RPG Maker, but I'm still learning the ropes...
  2. WolfKingAka

    Side Battler Martial Arts Gi Request (MV)

    Resource Type: Side view battlers Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP - I'm open to variation if needed Description: So I'm in need of 8 variations of a martial arts gi with a belt as a side view battler in rpg maker mv. I've included an image of the gi's im needing, but to be specific, i'll...
  3. WolfKingAka

    Martial Arts Based Resources (MV)

    Howdy! I'm a bit of a Martial arts enthusiast! As a result, my search for a Gi and Shaolin Monk's robes have been pretty dissapointing to say the least. Any chance someone knows where these are? I'd like them to be used in the MV character creator. Thus they'd need usable battle sprites too...
  4. HuntingSwan

    [IGMC 2015] Kazimir

    The red mafia.     Russian organized crime.     Its sophistication and savagery have earned it a fearsome reputation even among the darkest recesses of society.   Kazimir Riazanov stands entrenched.  Caught in a spiral of never ending violence and brutality. But when the undead rise, and...
  5. purpleroach

    Pro Wrestling and Gym Tiles

    Hello! I just got into RPG Maker and I've been looking for different Modern tilesets to get started on my game. I've found a lot of great stuff out there but one set still eludes me... A pro wrestling tile set. A ring, assorted belts, some guard rails, mats, and maybe some folding chairs. I've...

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Great, now that I am finally motivated again to work on my project, a new RPG Maker comes out. A part of me wants the new Maker to be really good, and the other part wants it to flop so I won't be enticed to abandon all of my work. The dream would be if you could convert your project somehow.

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