1. Gensun

    RMMV Tried simultaneously rendering two versions of a map for a DIY masking-based lighting plugin. Got 8 FPS [RESOLVED]

    So I'm aiming for a horror game which I need to start getting gud with lighting. My goal is to make a lighting plugin that works by having all tiles and sprites having a "lit" and "unlit" version each rendered on to a lit/unlit layer respectively. Then, a transparent mask applied on the "unlit"...
  2. Poryg

    Poryg's DIY series: PIXI.Graphics, masking - theory

    PIXI.Graphics, masking An important, but theory-heavy part of PIXI. PIXI.Graphics are responsible for all sorts of geometry stuff. In rpg maker we can see it behind menus and HUD meters, although its' potential is much greater. I won't be talking too much about the practical side though, because...

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