1. QueenTeaYT

    Himework's Connected Map Script (Help!)

    I'm using this script ( and I'm having trouble making it work. In script manager, it is the first thing under Materials. Brief explanation of the rules: there are four #'s I'm using. ID, X, Y, and recursive. The ID is the...
  2. GoodSelf

    Survival Island Collection (Ideas and Resources)

    Hello all, I'm toying with an idea for a new kind of survival island game, and I'm making this topic to collect information on the following:      List of raw resources you can find (wood, ore, stone, herbs, etc)      Crafting recipes (for example, 3x stone and 3x wood makes 1 Wooden Pick)...
  3. Rei Yumesaki

    I Distribute Free Materials (BGM, SE, Girl Voice, a few Graphic)

    Hello! My name is Rei Yumesaki. I'm a Japanese indie creator. I distribute free materials at my site. Yesterday, I made the English Menu and the Terms of Use. Re:I Materials Because I wanted to give this news to overseas people, I wrote in here. I’m sorry if it was a mistake...
  4. About MV Materials for Commercial USE

    Hello, I would like to ask when I purchased a genuine mv later, on the basis of material which can be used inside other engines? Commercialization will not have copyright issues?
  5. Chester

    Not Allowing players have access to materials after deploying Game

    Hello, When I finish making my game and I export/deploy it to my desktop, how would make it where the players cannot have access to the www folder which contains all the images, music, and etc? Thanks!
  6. Silenity

    Battle Crafting

    So, I'm trying to implement a way to mix two items in the battle menu. Similar to the Compounding skill used by Salve-makers in the game Bravely Default. However, I also need the ability to have separate battle crafting for different items. Also, similar to In Search of Immortality's mixing...
  7. Silenity

    Main actors are all crafters?

    So I had an idea about having 4 main actors who each had their own crafting system. Actor 1 (Smith) - Main tank line. Forges and repairs the parties equipment. Actor 2 (Cook) - Dedicated support. Mixes food ingredients into different goods that are both beneficial and delicious! Actor 3...
  8. How to install the extra materials package?

    I know this is probably a ridiculous question, but I just downloaded the other materials, package, how do I get it to load into the game? Thank you.

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