1. GoodSelf

    Math Probability Question

    Alright, so lets say that I have 9 tiles arranged in a 3x3 pattern. Each of these tiles has 3 possible variations, lets say they can be either Red, Blue, or Green. It's easy for me to find out how many combinations there are, its simply 39 or 19,683 possible combinations. Now, lets say...
  2. Carduus

    Damage Formula Discussion?

    While I was trying to think of every blessed switch I'd need in a damage formula, I realized I had a bigger issue: the implications of various damage formulae on one's game. 1. If monsters and characters both advance linearly, how is the player experience changed from both advancing...
  3. rounding numbers?

    I want to kind of inflate my numbers so instead of doing 1 damage, do 10 damage. I want to have my HP and MP always round to a 10. is there a way to do that?
  4. Damage Levels? help i'm stupid

    (first post.) I'm having trouble with formulas. I am not very mathematically adept. i want to know how to make attacks on  different levels of severity. Ex: Scorch - Light fire attack to one foe. I need 4 levels: Light, Normal, Heavy, and Severe. Pls an ty. whoever reads this...
  5. Talonos

    Opinion requested: System for ACC missing, hitting, and critting.

    We all know that the default Ace system of 5% EVA and 95% HIT is bad game design. (Missing is frustrating to players. See this blog post, the removal of dodge from LoL, etc.) But here's a question: I'm using a multiplicatively balanced damage system, such as seen in pokemon. (The basic formula...
  6. Azurecyan

    Balancing stats mathematically?

    I'm not exactly sure if I posted this in the right section or if it should have been in game mechanics design...sorry if I do post this in the wrong section... ^^" So I was thinking if there is a way for stats to increase in a certain way, or if there is a sort of mathematical system where you...
  7. [RMVXAce] What are the correct rates of experience and money drops to give to enemies?

    What are the correct rates of experience and money to set each monster to drop? The default rate for total experience to reach a level in RMVXAce is the following: f(x)=ROUND(30*(x-1)^(0.9+30/250)*x*(x+1)/(6+x^2/50/30)+(x-1)*20,0)where x is equal to current levelTo determine the experience...
  8. shiori4me

    Average or Sum of all Member's LUK?

    I'm trying to make it so that variable 1 equals the sum of all member's LUK and  variable 2 equals the average of all member's luck.  I do not how to use the inject method or whatnot. I remember seeing  def agi return 1 if members.size == 0 members.inject(0) {|r, member| r +=...
  9. shiori4me

    Help with stat influence in a damage formula?

    I'm trying to make it so that the weight of the two participants affects the damage formulas of given attacks. {I can use a custom damage formula script for the 100 line limit. I just need help with the formula part} I have the stat of Weight. Let's call it wgt {although this could be tested...
  10. Diretooth

    Finding area (As in, size)

    Okay, I'm trying to figure out how to find the area of a map (Width * Height) so I can create an image to act as a pseudo lighting thing (Id est, the room is dark, but light comes in through the windows and other light fixtures). I know that the Width and Height of a single tile is 32x32, but I...
  11. Frostpunk

    E-learning Type RPG Game

    I am now making the game as for now but our Objective for our game is it is like a E-learning type game and it seems that the script is not available so here's my request. The script that allows the students to answer the 50 randomize mathematical questions(This will be our part to input). The...

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