1. Warilized

    Looking for advanced math plugin

    Hello and good day/night~ I'm looking for an "advanced math/arithmetic plugins" to calculate some math prob. (I need it for my math quiz like game). The math subject is basic linear programming if you are wondering. I'm searching for plugin with a plugin call that can save to a certain var...
  2. mardin

    Subtract 70% from a variable!

    Hey guys, I want to subtract 70% percent of my money variable in the game. Something like [Moneyvariable] - 0,7x[Moneyvariable]. But it looks like I'm only able to sub a number or random or another variable. So how do I do this? Thanks!
  3. LucidNightmare

    RMMV Theory of Everything - An RPG that makes you think

    Hi ! It took longer than announced because I decided to transfer the whole game to RPG Maker MV, but here it is ! Warning : this game evokes religions in a philosophical perspective. Theory of Everything Synopsis You start with Isaac, a young physicist who begins to build a theory of...
  4. LucidNightmare

    Theory of Everything : A philosophico-educative RPG

    Hi ! Theory of Everything allows the player to travel through the history of science. Your mind will be split between four characters... Characters Isaac is a physicist. He wants to create a theory of everything, which would be able to explain any phenomenon in the universe. But he's...
  5. [RMVXAce] What are the correct rates of experience and money drops to give to enemies?

    What are the correct rates of experience and money to set each monster to drop? The default rate for total experience to reach a level in RMVXAce is the following: f(x)=ROUND(30*(x-1)^(0.9+30/250)*x*(x+1)/(6+x^2/50/30)+(x-1)*20,0)where x is equal to current levelTo determine the experience...
  6. shiori4me

    Help with stat influence in a damage formula?

    I'm trying to make it so that the weight of the two participants affects the damage formulas of given attacks. {I can use a custom damage formula script for the 100 line limit. I just need help with the formula part} I have the stat of Weight. Let's call it wgt {although this could be tested...
  7. WholeTone Games

    Divide By ZerØ DOWNLOAD: A MATH FOG is encroaching upon the city and numbers attack the population. An amnesiac android must find the bearers of MATH POWER and find out who or what is behind...

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