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    Matt's Map Assets

    Hey folks, I'm Matt, the creator of Toby's Island.  I've been working on that bear of a project for a few years now and in the mean time I've really missed contributing to the RPG community like I used to before I started the project.  I'm a graphic artist, and I'm at your disposal for mapping...
  2. Matt Beer

    Toby's Island by Matt Beer

    Welcome to Toby's Island, a 90's style RPG that follows the story of Toby, a boy whose lineage destines him to defend an island from a terrifying darkness imprisoned at the islands core. On the journey you will craft tools and potions, farm plants,, and collect monsters while...

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Having lots of fun using different PS brushes to add a lil' texture to the floors and walls in my maps.
Setup a system to cull enemies that are too far from the player to matter, and to spawn new ones just outside of view. Take that lag! :LZSexcite:
That trope is alive more than ever, not so much elemental Crystal's but gathering magical objects or doing "task" to unlock this oddly specific thing is everywhere, I saw it saw it in the IT 2 remake, avengers and every season of supernatural
It's winter :")

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