1. RMMV Rising Saga: Origins (Demo)

    Download demo here: Screenshots: Synopsis: Rising Saga: Origins is a JRPG game with heavy visual-novel influences and a strong emphasis on Adventure, High Fantasy/Dark Fantasy elements and Romance. The game takes a lot of inspiration...
  2. N-Amata

    RMMV Diving into Crime Underworld of Modern Fantasy

    A game prototype and an idea I had— after listening to music. Story Essentially, the world is that of fantasy— magic, creatures, and myths, but set in modern times. Along with the advent of technology, crime is also becoming more and more sophisticated. This is where the story comes in. Burr...
  3. bartu13bartu

    RMXP Tamer: Emptiness

    Tamer: Emptiness(previously Tamer of the Emptiness) is an rpg game in a brutal and mature setting. Using original graphic assets,scripts and soundtrack creates a unique and new world for you to explore. Branching storyline gives a reason to play game multiple times. Set in ancient rome, the...
  4. SaintPhillip

    Assembling team for horror game

    I am attempting to do something with RPG maker MV that is quite a bit different than a 'JRPG' and am seeking 1 or 2 very serious and knowledgeable individuals to help with all facets of development and to eventually become team lead(s) if and when the project grows past the initial phase. I...
  5. kaleemmcintyre

    Dragon Song

    Warning: This game contains mature language, alcohol, homosexual interactions, lewd behavior, violence, and suggestive behavior. If these things are not of your purview, please don't play this game. The author takes no responsibility for distaste found when reviewing the concepts found herein...
  6. kaleemmcintyre


    Fallen Game Demo: Warning: This game includes graphic use of violence, swearing, nudity and subtle prods at different religious beliefs. If you're not comfortable with any of the above please look elsewhere for your gaming...
  7. shiori4me

    Is there a difference between tasteless pornography and adult themes with game development?

    Various scripts say you're allowed to use them as long as the game isn't pornographic/etc, but the reason I don't understand. Sex, violence, and taboo concepts are a part of life. To exclude and avoid them in a setting that would normally call for such things would limit things, make it less...
  8. Quigon

    The Mnemosyne Derivative

    I've been wanting to share this for a little while, but here's the first chapter of my finished dissertation (don't worry, uni's over now) that I'm planning on turning into a longer, more full work. Just wanted some opinions on it. It's a big ol' sci-fi existential stream of consciousness crazy...
  9. Levi

    Where do I draw the line?

    Hey there. This thread is about content. Specifically, "questionable" content. My main Project [Wanderer's Studies] will have some very mature, sensitive, touchy and morbid content. The game will not encourage or endorse anything that is morally questionable... What do I mean by questionable...
  10. Confederacy

    RMMV The Uhmazing Spiderman

          Warning! ( El warningo! ) Some of the content in this game and/or topic may be offensive to the weak and pitiful. ( El contento es mui caliente! )     Monthly Updates: March Update  - It LIVES! April Update  

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