1. TakumaGao

    Are there any 8-bit music tracks available in the same style as the "8-bit Perfect Collection" DLC?

    I'm making an 8-bit styled game, and I really like the "8-bit perfect collection" DLC pack, but there's not all that many songs in it, and a lot of them seem to be made for something like an action game rather than an RPG. I also checked out the "8bit Fantasy RPG Tracks volume 1" DLC but I...
  2. Animebryan

    Need to play a SE/ME when a State is applied

    I need a plugin to play a SE/ME when a state is applied.
  3. Variables

    Hi! In my game, I want tasks to work on a variable basis. So if we approach an innkeeper, give us a task like "Go there and there and talk to such and such a guest" then to the variable (let's say Main Task) adds 1. On the character that should appear only when the task is active I have set ...
  4. My battle backgrounds are distorted

    So every thing is good apart from the backgrounds of my battle.They are all wavy and weird (see image below). Please hep me. (Im using VX not VX ACE. NOT ACE!)
  5. Animebryan

    Play a Music Effect when a actor levels up

    Is there a way to play a music effect when an actor levels up? Because I looked through the 'System' tab where you can set music & sounds to play under different circumstances & there's no option to play music or a sound effects when an actor levels up.
  6. DarkEspeon

    Game crashes on ME play

    Hello! I came across a problem. When I play any music effect (ME) the game crashes some time after the music ends, ranging from 0 to 2 seconds. Any ideas what that could be?
  7. djDarkX

    Additional DS/DS+ BGM's and ME's?

    I know this is a VERY big long shot, but I've heard the non-Ace versions of the music from DS+ as well as the ME's in DS, which some were shared between the two games, but is there any chance at all of getting the DS+ exclusive music as well as the DS/DS+ exclusive ME's? I've been wanting these...
  8. JustAColdKid

    What would you suggest doing better for events and maps that take up the most space in your project?

    Hello RPGMV community my name is justice and I was wondering how I can free up more space on my rpg maker mv events and maps as well as my project entirely. Any suggestion? Are there more organised ways of doing events?
  9. Percid

    (MV) Looking for MEs.

    I am making a fantasy RPG something akin to Breath of Fire and Suikoden. Now, I'd like MEs. I would like one, particularly for character recruitment. Short. Magical. Strings if possible. If you have played Suikoden, you know that when you recruit a character, a short ME plays. It sounds like...
  10. ovate

    Master Volume Control

    Volume Control+2016/04/23 Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) | (English Translation by tale) Overview A script that allows you to set the volume. It can be added as an option to the title screen and/or main menu. Features You can adjust the volume (0:Mute~100:Max) ← Decrease / Increase →...
  11. HollowMonty

    What does $date_items actually repersent?

    I've teaching myself ruby scripting since I happen to have RPG maker VX Ace. Learning how Ruby works is one thing, but learning how to manipulate in while in RPG maker is completely different. So many modulus, classes, inheriting classes, and methods that are all interconnected across it's...

    First, how do I download BindPictureToMap plugin? It only shows me a text on github, what am I supposed to do with that? Been working on this project for like 2 weeks now and I just found out about parallax mapping, this is my first map: (if anyone needs the overlay- to help me of course...
  13. MSMPokeGamer

    RPG Maker MV Questions

    Hi, I Am Here To Ask You A Few Questions If You Wouldn't Mind Answering Them. I Would Really Love That. I Really Want To Buy The New RPG Maker MV (On Mac), But I Would Like To Know The Following First:   Can You Import Your Own Animations From Your Computer?  Can You Import Your Own...
  14. IdarG

    Soundtracks in MV

    Hello, forum! BD  I have a question for you. I see that in my project folder in RPG Maker MV; I have both .m4a AND .ogg files in the audio folder. When/If I release my game sometime. Will it have to have .m4a files of the music included, or isn't it necessary? Because when I run it, it works...
  15. Lecode

    Random Audio

    Random Audio 1.0 By Lecode Introduction This plugin allows to play randomly and automatically SE, ME, BGS and BGM. For example playing the SE "Damage1" in any way (animation, audio command, ect) will play instead a random SE between Damage1, Damage2, Damage3, Damage4 and Damage5. How to Use...
  16. ME: Victory Sound

    Hi, anyone has different sounds "ME" for the win?
  17. Shabraxxx

    Shabz' somewhat subtle sounds

    Hello dear reader! Welcome to this thread, in which I, Shabz, share with you my free, self made music collection as well as my fine knowledge of the english language. In case you are familiar with the german language, however, I strongly recommend you to read my original post – it's way...
  18. Noferatsi

    Help me find portraits and sprites for these battlers?

    Could someone please help me find facesets for these battlers? I would really appreciate it if someone could point me to a few generators too.  :) Here's the site where I got the battlers, too. ^-^ http://cyanyurikago.web.fc2.com/material.html Thanks in advance!
  19. FeaR616

    Who am I? I am FeaR616

    Oh my... I registered in november 2014 and searched for THIS subforums til now... lol, I never thought it would be in the very last subforum on this board. XD so, finally I can say hello to everybody here and now that I am here a bit now, I am very happy that I registered on this board. I got...
  20. autophagy

    Problem with tracking time when tabbing out of the game

    Hello! In my previous question thread I was trying to figure out a way to make another song play after the current one has reached its end. I am now using two variables: One that contains the current song's length in seconds. One that counts the seconds since the song has started. I also...

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