1. GalacticGod

    MechaSuit SV Battler

    I went ahead and made an SV Battler of the, SF_MechaSuit, enemy for the game I am working on right now. (It's not perfect but I did my best on it). I thought others might be able to use it as an enemy in their games as well. Additionally, this battler is not really meant to be used as a main...
  2. Changing health/defense when getting in/out of a mech

    Recently I've been trying to formulate the various battle systems for the game I'm trying to make, however I've run into an issue. The way I want my game to be set up, I want it to be where the player character can walk around on the map and engage in side-view battles. However, the player also...
  3. Djentboi

    Mechs ressources(for battles)

    Hello i'm a newbie and me and some friends we wan't to create a rpg in hommage of our favorite rpg (Xenogears and Xenosaga). Thanks to someone in this forum i had 2 sprite of mech(just here But i sadly can't use it in...
  4. Ztron5

    A question about Avadan resources

    Does anyone here knows if I can use in my commercial project for RPG MAKER MV these resources from Avadan? The first two images, the mechs/robots:
  5. MadeBySaints

    RMMV Our Story: The Shelter

    Our Story: The Shelter The Shelter is game number one, of the Our Story series. Idealized by the community, and powered by RPG Maker MV! The concept behind Our Story, is that the community (you awesome folks) submit ideas, whilst the developers implement them. (We currently only accept Idea...
  6. Script Call: Mixing Turn Based and Action-RPG

    Hello all!          To give a little background: I'm currently working on a sci-fi RPG called "Apparatus," and it's a game that's very character focused and uses Mechs as a primary unit of transport and combat. I've always wanted to make a mech RPG, and now I feel I have the ability to possibly...
  7. AceOfAces_Mod

    Favourite Flight Sim and Mech games?

    What are your favourite Flight Simulators and Mech games? Mine are the following: Flight Sim: -F-22 ADF: I used to play this as a kid. It only features one aircraft (my personal favourite F/A-22 Raptor), but fun nonetheless. -Ace Combat series: I have pretty much played every game in the...
  8. Nimbus

    Zofar-Man: Defender of Justice

    Hey guys! We're down to the wire and I finally have a playable version of my game, ready to go! (Zofar-Man official contest page)   Nate Landis was just an average slacker... until he was mixed up in a crime scene and got blackmailed into being a robot-suit test pilot. Against his better...

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