1. atoms

    Element States Ideas?

    I was wondering what elemental state ideas people could come up with, as I'm trying to think of simple very basic ones for each element. If you're using any of them in your own games or you want to share either basic or complex examples to either help out or share your thoughts for discussion...
  2. MerlinCross

    Overheat - Replacing TP Gauge

    I thought of an idea but getting mixed responses on my google fu. Idea goes that if you hit 100 on your TP gauge you enter an overheat state. This could do many things depending on what you want for the game but the problem first comes in figuring out how to make the game check TP and fire it...
  3. quakerori

    an idea that I want to have in the game

    as I'm making a game with only three characters, I want to spice up the third character by giving it the power to switch forms from, attacking one enemy with heavy damage, and the other form dealing damage to everyone I feel like I've already figured it out, but I still don't exactly know how...
  4. Black Pagan

    Weakness Mechanics - Discussion

    I would like to hear your unique ideas about Weakness Mechanics in Battles. I know the most common things that come to your mind when anyone says "Weakness" would be Elemental Weakness. But this is not what I'm talking about. What i mean is something different. Here is an idea I have - A...
  5. PixelBoy360

    Need Help With an Electric Barrier

    Hey guys, I'm trying to make a mechanic where if you attack an enemy after it uses the spell "Thunder Dome" you automatically get stunned for x amount of turns. Unfortunately I don't know where to start with making such a spell.
  6. PrideOfTheForbidion

    Combat and spell skill related mechanics, as well weather mechanics any thoughts?

    Hi, so i am pretty new here, designing a game, thought there are some mechanics that i would like to use, not sure if anyone has tried them b4, so here we go ^^- spell & skills all spell and skills will be on a skill tree, possibly, a spell skill tree, would like to have it that you can...
  7. Lord Vectra

    Counter Attack Effects

    I've been deciding how I wanted to do counter-effect abilities. I'm using RPG Maker XP (fyi). So, about counter effects, I had the following ideas but I don't know what to do. Ideas Subtract X damage from the first hit and then counter Reflect X damage from first hit and then counter Subtract...
  8. SaskiaPakacat98

    Snowboarding mechanic in RPG MAKER MV.

    Dear people of the forum, I had a question about a certain mechanic that I wanted to use in my game. It's about snowboarding because I had an idea that a character is going to snowboard down in a parallax side view scroller or top-down. The only problem I have is: How can I make the character...
  9. little help ? ("copy mechanic")

    Excuse me for being extremely specific with this one, BUT, (in RPG Maker MV) would there be a way (or script) to copy enemies and use whatever traits they have, be it overworld or battle. another way to explain it would be: if the main character copied this enemy, Her overworld and battle...
  10. somenick

    Having BOTH visual encounters and random encounters

    I am playing with the idea of featuring BOTH types of encounters. Granted, on most normal maps, it would only be visible encounters, but on maps with very tall grass / foggy climate / poor visibility conditions / extremely rainy places, I might also add random encounters. (Maybe hero characters...
  11. quackenbirdt

    RMMV Medieval Army Based RPG

    OVERVIEW I've had this idea of making a game with a somewhat different take on RPGs. Most of it is heavily inspired by the Europa Universalis games. It's a fairly odd mechanic that instead of individual actors relying on HP and MP, it would be armies with Manpower and Morale, similar to this NES...
  12. Parallax Panda

    Creating combo-attacks

    So I had an interesting idea for a battle mechanic but I'm not sure how to make it happen. It's possible it's beyond me but I thought I should at least ask for help first. I want a battle system where if more than one party member uses the deafault attack to target the same enemy, they would...
  13. Mevers


    I have an idea for a detective game that's CSI style. Originally, I planned to do this in Ren p'y but I found the timing of events became repetitive; my looping system confusing and I couldn't fully implement a core aspect of my story into the game because the system is too restrictive. Which is...
  14. Monkey

    Help! Dynamic Dialogue

    I'm working on a project and I have a big question. I would like to make dialogs with NPCs a bit different from normal and put a mechanism where the player would type what he wants in a "conversation window" for the NPC that will answer something or not (similar to the dialogue with NPCs on...
  15. Jachan

    The Idea of Fanmade "Super Sentai" Projects... but how...? (More details inside)

    While "sentai" is a Japanese word, I will have you know one or two quick details before the start. If you are already familiar to this, skip and start read next paragraph ahead. =P "Sentai" means "squadron". "Super Sentai" is a very popular superhero TV show in Japanese for everyone. It is the...
  16. HelloHinnie

    Hiding mechanic on RPGM VX Ace?

    I want to make a game with a chasing monster,and i kinda alredy did that,but ow i need a mechanic where the player can hide from it,but if he sees you entering the hiding spot,they will find you ps:I'm using RPGM VX ACE so i can't use plugins
  17. vfxblender

    Spiked Enemies? (Solved)

    So here's the spark notes. I want an spiked enemy to hurt you if you jump on it. After digging around forums I found this kranasAngel suggest that you use this code <Custom Respond Effect>[/B][/B]...
  18. Combat mechanic: quiz?

    Hey all; Completely new to RPG maker, and I don't own it yet. I'm wondering if I can make an rpg that has, in combat, a quiz mechanic. So for instance; Character attacks a monster; monster pops up a quiz "What is the first letter of the alphabet? A, B, C, D" If character chooses b/c/d, damage...
  19. DeltaLime24

    How do I turn this complicated formula into a state?

    Okay, bottom line here, I have a bit of a mess on my hands. I want to use a formula to create a skill that applies an "Inverted" state to "Invert" the statistics of my characters for 3 turns (e.g. 70 atk at lv 50 would become 255-70 = 185 and 140 atk at lv 100 would become 510-140 = 370 etc) As...
  20. MushyFox

    Party Splitting Mechanic

    I'd Like to start out by saying this is planned as a puzzle mechanic. I have be scratching my head over how to do this, but I will do my best to describe the idea. Essentially, I am looking to have 2 separate parties of 1 character each. There is no level system and stats will be the same...

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