1. BottleCapGames

    How Many Bosses?

    Okay, so I'm obsessed. With making bosses.:kaoluv: However, for the sake of length in a game, how many bosses do you think is enough? My game has a crazy amount of chapters, so could I put one for every chapter? However, most bosses aren't too long. (P.S: I'm developing a tactics game.)
  2. Mechanical Free Icon Set?

    Anyone know where to find or make a Mechanical Icon Set? like a circuit or Processor or anything that related to mechanical and robotic?
  3. leoroura

    Random Roulette Plugin/Mechanic?

    Hello! It's me again :p This time i want to make something similar to a roulette that stops randomly... Now, i know there are some plugins out there but i couldn't find a way to recreate exactly what i'm aiming for... Ever played a mobile game where you spin a roulette to get an item? Well, it's...
  4. spacedev

    Animated images on screen?

    Is there a way to have animated images on the screen? While reading a text or something like that? (Example in spoilers) Thank you!
  5. Brodnork

    Need Help with a Mechanic

    So I'm working on a small, simple horror game, and the main mechanic is that the monsters only appear when you're pointing your flashlight at them, so you'll have to always keep an eye out. You can see the walls and trees and stuff in the shadows, but no monsters. I'm using the Khas Awesome...
  6. AthenaWhisper

    How to create Rare Monsters using Yanfly's "Swap Enemies" Plugin

    Anyone here that has played any game like: Diablo or Path of Exile and even Pokémon or Final Fantasy; will be familiar with the concept of a Rare Spawn. For those of you that aren't, a "Rare Spawn" is a variation of a monster, or perhaps an entirely different monster, that has only a small...
  7. OrenjiBoy135

    RPG Maker Idea - Rebound Damage

    I'm not aware if anyone else has thought of this, but here I have the idea of Rebound Damage. If the defender's result ends up being higher than the attacker's result, the latter takes damage which is measured by the difference. EX: The defender has 50 Defense, and the attacker ends up...
  8. iwisdhoy

    Request for Victory/Lose Mechanic

    I am looking to see how to make it so that the class/actor stats combined can determine whether they win or lose a fight. For example, having a greater overall ATK and HP has a higher chance to win a battle against the opponent with lower stats (but it is still possible to lose by a smaller...
  9. styx92

    YEP Event Chase Stealth - Stealth Region

    Hello Guys, i have a short question. I use for my stealth system the event chase stealth from Yanfly. But i have one single problem, in my game the actor go into stealth at a specific Regio ID. He hides in the shadows and this works, but i want the actor get transparent and a specific...
  10. Spindaboy

    How to Attack an Ally or Yourself?

    Is there any way to be able to attack your own party members? Any plugins for it?
  11. Darkbeetlebot

    Idea for a mechanic, but don't know how to implement: Item Sacrifice

    So I just recently came up with a "bonus" mechanic for my more dungeon-crawly game that acts kind of like the gun altar from Borderlands 2. With this, the player would be able to approach an event of some kind such as a large vat or stone altar, discard any of their weapons or armors into it and...
  12. gRaViJa

    Light/darkness mechanic in dungeon

    I have an idea to use light/darkness mechanics in a dungeon in the following way: The 'dungeon' is an old, creepy manor that has wonky electricity. So every 10 seconds, the lights are switched off for 10 seconds. This gives room for some interesting and creepy gameplay. But I'm still thinking...
  13. Psyker

    Mechanics vs Narrative Villains

    I've watched a couple episodes of Extra Credits explaining about villains. Below are both episodes. Part 1 Part 2 Obviously, narrative villains fit right in with RPG Maker games but Mechanic villains can also. Being a dungeon master a few years back, I find creating narrative villains...

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