1. gizmo214

    How to make a "leadership" level with no plugins_ Help

    Hello all, I'm new to the forums and I'm hoping someone here might help me figure this out. I'm trying to make the "luck" parameter for a character into a "leadership" parameter. I will use this parameter in my game to either allow or not allow a player to recruit NPC's based on the level of...
  2. Archlvt

    Damage Reacting to State Stacking

    Hello, I'm back again with another unusual and very specific request. I'm looking for assistance with a battle mechanic. This time, I'm looking to make an attack have increased damage or cause multiple values of damage for each stack of a particular state. Ideally, I'd prefer the multiple...
  3. AgentN107

    RMVXA Summer Camp RPG Mechanic Ideas

    I hope I'm putting this in the right place. Sorry in advance. I'm working on a Summer Camp RPG I am looking for what mini-games/mechanics to do for standard Camping activities like Meals, Canoeing, Crafts, Swimming, Biking, and others I haven't thought of. EDIT: So this was unexpected to be...
  4. Earning money and passive income mechanic

    Hey guys, I'm hoping for some input on a mechanic I'd like to introduce in my RMMV game. A lot of things in my game such as upgrading skills, buying crafting recipes, upgrading items or weapons etc, all require spending gold. And a lot of gold at that. However, I don't simply want to just...
  5. BlueVikingr

    How-To Question: Yanfly Engine, Opportunity Attacks

    Hi... I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, since it's not exactly a problem/issue that I'm having, but I couldn't find a good place to ask how-to questions... Sorry if I missed something and there is a dedicated place for it. In my game, I use... the majority of the Yanfly...
  6. NatuElChido

    Ideas and Mechanics for an Underwater Level

    Hello guys! I got to make a confession, I'm not that good at making levels/dungeons from the ground up, I usually take inspiration from an Song, an Enemy, kinda "Yeah, that song works perfectly in ______ level" or "Oh, that enemy would look amazing in a _______ dungeon" Well, that's today's...
  7. Chef

    //NOT IN USE// Looking for games to discuss on YouTube

    //NOT IN USE FOR NOW// Good morning, First a small introduction: I'm Chef, an Indie Developer. I know a lot about mechanics & game design in general and I want to help people make their games better by giving deep constructed feedback, providing help on how to solve problems, and explanations...
  8. Underground Fight Club design

    Hey ya'll So I decided I needed a side project so I don't get demotivated from my current one, So I was thinking of what I could do that is overly different but keeping the MV feel kinda. and since I love MMA/Wrestling/street fights. I decided I would give it a shot. So I got the Cliche'...
  9. Absolute Values for Exp/Levels

    Hi folks. I used to dabble a lot with old versions of RPG Maker back in the day, making a few things for myself but this is the first time I am getting serious. I've been working a lot on art but am setting that aside to start building the skeleton of the systems I want to be using. It's been...
  10. Amarok

    Dungeons and Dragons flavored combat mechanics/spells?

    Hello there, since i started using a tactical battle system on my project (courtesy of Lecode!) I began experimenting a bit with different approachs to the system. First i tried something like fire emblem, but now im interested in trying out something similar to Baldur's gate or Icewind dale...
  11. Nobody King

    Environmental Battle Mechanics

    I've been thinking about how rare it is for RPGs to have environments that actually affect combat. The difference between a frozen tundra and an active volcano doesn't really exist outside of the enemies you encounter, they're basically just backdrops for the battle. There will be plenty of ways...
  12. I need help with the mechanics of rpg maker mv

    hi everyone, my name is cafrud and i have a question of the mechanics of rpg maker mv Recently i installed the program and I noticed that it contains a type of default template, style the first finals fantasys, I have thought to create a rpg a little different and out of that style, so my...
  13. MushyFox

    Party Splitting Mechanic

    I'd Like to start out by saying this is planned as a puzzle mechanic. I have be scratching my head over how to do this, but I will do my best to describe the idea. Essentially, I am looking to have 2 separate parties of 1 character each. There is no level system and stats will be the same...
  14. coticka

    Looking for some feedback...

    I've been working extensively on my own project and I feel it's coming along nicely. The game has a mixture of interactive key items/tools, choices that matter, and custom sprite animations/characterization. There are no random battles and currency is decently scarce. But I do have a few ideas...
  15. HumanNinjaToo

    Help to balance weapons

    I would like to know what steps you all have taken to balance out the weapons portion of your game. For example, I don't like the idea of having 15 different swords that all get stronger from town to town. I like the idea of having a set amount of weapons, all of them different and useful in...
  16. Backwardskey

    Thoughts on this pseudo-class system.

    Going into this project, my primary goal was to make a combat system that was simple in execution - yet deep and complex in mechanics and customization. Allow me to deliberate. Imagine a combat system if you will that utilizes no elements, rather focusing purely on physical and magical damage...
  17. Amarok

    Visual novel&RPG Hybrids discussion

    Im curious to know the opinion of the community regarding the mechanics of this niche genre, almost exclusive to japan sadly. Personally i really loved games like Eiyuu senki (World conquest) In case you have never played one of these, it usually plays out like a regular JRPG (sometimes with...
  18. Daena Grey

    Daily Events

    I was wondering, what everyone's opinion on "Daily Events" in RPG Maker Games are. Daily Events, how shall I describe them? I personally--*Coughcough* am curious about the potential these kind of "Sidequests" if we may call them so, might hold. Would you feel thrilled? Excited? Just want the...
  19. laboratorystudios

    Does anyone know how to make a skill that makes the caster latch on to the target?

    I'm working on some states for a new game, and one skill I really want to implement is a skill that a caster will latch on or tangle themselves around the target and deal damage periodically each turn. I'm hoping to figure out when the caster dies or the target removes themselves, they both...
  20. MobileSuitSonic


    It's probably too much for the engine, but in brainstorming how to make dungeon gameplay less redundant, I began to wonder how crossing gaps with a grappling hook could work. Think the mechanics of the hookshot in LEGEND OF ZELDA: A LINK TO THE PAST. I'm still early in my project, so I want to...

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