1. Skunk

    Damage Formulas 101

    Please note: A discussion has already been started about different things you can do with these formulas so please direct those comments and question to the appropriate thread. A link to the list of...
  2. Sarah79

    Weapons as "Incomparables".

    So, I have been working on my game for about a month now, and one of the ideas I had in mind since the beginning was to provide better character customization and realism at the same time. The way I have decided to do this was through "weapons as incomparables". What I mean by this, is that...
  3. RetroBoy

    [IMPROVEMENT] Additional Base Mechanics (as per Request)

    Description of the Feature: As per requested I am asking for the addition of base functions that appear as common tropes in the modern JRPG Genre. Tags: The ability to Tag something with a simple drop down menu and the Tag function added to the System Menu. Essentially like Weapon and...
  4. TheTitan99

    Different party member functioning on different game rules.

    Been thinking about this, as the game I've been making has a bunch of playable characters. What are your opinions on different playable characters functioning WILDLY different from each other. Not just having different stats, but to have different rules altogether, like they're playing on a...
  5. 40Flashkick

    Variable HP Costs to Increase Skill effectiveness.

    Recently for the Dark Knight class I was working on, I was trying to ebb out a way to make it so the Dark Knight's abilities can be enhanced by spending an amount of HP not set in stone, but rather, variable based on the player's input. Example; Skill: Soul Eater "A skill that uses some...
  6. Arithmetician

    Balancing Lich/Undead States

    I thought it would be cool if it was possible to equip a skill (via Yanfly's plugins + Tricks & Tips) that turns the character undead.  So far I can make the character undead (so healing damages them), and I also have the same state grant immunity to dark damage while causing a weakness to holy...
  7. Veerdin

    Please help me make a combat system...

    Alright, so I've been pulling my hair out for the last few days here trying to get this idea of mine to work. But I keep running up against the fundamental problem that I have no damn clue how to work with the tools I'm using and I'm having a lot of trouble piecing together what I'm doing, even...
  8. Sausage_Boi

    Weapons & Gadgets

    Hey everybody! I have been wracking my brain trying to come up with some weapons and gadgets but I am running out of ideas. I have a stealth cloak, jet pack, rocket launcher, flame thrower, grappling hook, black hole gun, and a shield. Any ideas for gadgets or weapons? For an action battle...
  9. RawrGamer

    Plugin Based Mechanics

    So I'm not sure where this goes as I just joined the forums. As a preface, I was gifted RPG Maker MV by a friend when it was on sale a couple of weeks ago and have been playing around with it since. I've downloaded a few plug ins and want to make a mechanic based around one of them. The plugin...
  10. Horror Mechanics

    Alright! So I am currently working on a horror based game, called Fear Nothing. In this game you attempt to stop a world wide Apocalypse created by some Big bad unknown evil. This is inspired greatly by H.P Lovecraft, So I have Implemented, Sanity System- My game has Big Bad Unknown to humans...
  11. Questions about the combat mechanics

    How does Luck affect the probability of a status effect triggering? How does the game recognize a positive status effect or a negative one? How does Agility determine combat order? Is it in order of highest to lowest or is there a random number thrown in somewhere? Lastly, I receive no...
  12. Arithmetician

    Job System Theory, Design, and Mechanics

    Job systems  - wherein the characters have the ability to assume a number of different class roles throughout the game, and frequently can learn abilities that they can use while in other classes.  Final Fantasy provides some of the quintessential examples, but similar systems appear in many...
  13. Quasi Puzzle - need help to fix a bug

    Hi everyone! So i'm messing with Quasi Puzzle's code :   And i found a bug to fix : when i try to push an event with the <pushOnInput> tag, it work only with the "action button" but not with the left mouse clic (as regular events). So i found the following lines which i guess are the...
  14. Arithmetician

    Skill Tree Theory and Design: Size, Leveled Skills, Balance, etc.

    Skill / talent trees are a way of granting the player choice in developing their character, particularly within the confines of a fixed class.  Yet balancing them is rather difficult.   How many skills does a good skill tree have?  Should skills be purchased with skill points from level ups...
  15. Spell Talk/Status effects, immunity vs percentage

    Hi. I am trying to decide on a balanced approach to some powerful effects I have in mind for my game. The two states I am considering are called Neutral and Potency. Neutral is activated from spells like "Neutralize". What this does is it removes any elemental effects applied to a target and...
  16. ramza

    Ramza's State Workshop (current states: 1 LATEST: Block Chance)

    Welcome, one and all. In this topic I will be periodically posting some lunatic state codes I've been working on. Feel free to use them in your own projects, modify them as you see fit, and post suggestions for new states or ideas you might like to see. The plan will be to release a new state...
  17. Pixel raptor

    How to access the menu

    Hi i need help with accessing the menu in rpgmaker mv i know on the keyboard it can be accessed via the x button. but when i convert it to touch screen i dont know how to open the menu. can someone tell me how to open the menu on touch screen?
  18. Manofdusk

    The Old Master

     I've been looking at 2 threads recently, one about roadblocks and one about a past-his-prime character... and thinking about both of them sparked an idea in me.  In his prime, Darius (name is WIP) was the greatest warrior and mage the world had ever known. He was the first to successfully...
  19. Draigon

    First Game Question

    So I know it's possible, but it's somewhat daunting as a first-time game-maker: how do you make an attack hit harder if the enemy has a low agility? I have a lumberjack class in my game, and created a skill called "Tree Feller" and when I imagine the skill being used for its "true intent" I...
  20. TVSP

    Invoking Elements resulting in different Skills - Need help scripting

    Hey guys, TVSP here So I just started to design a new RPG, and I want to make it outstanding by creating actors with unique and outstanding combat mechanics. For some reason I have this fixed idea of designing a Hero like Invoker from Dota. If you don't know him, hes a ranged...

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