1. Uzuki

    What Are Some Good Camping/Rural Food Recipes?

    In my game I decided to take a different approach to how items work and took a page out of the Witcher and Tales of series. Basic healing items, like herbs and mushrooms, and basic food items, like cheese and bread, offer a small amount of healing and are great for healing in the early game. As...
  2. DarkBooDev

    Moral Choice- Looking for Feedback!

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if someone could give me feedback on my idea for the central game mechanics for my game, "Penelope". In my game, the main character will be given the option to either save, slay, or assist 5 creatures in a sort of moral choice style system similar to the...
  3. Spindaboy

    Is There a Way to Turn Off the Game Over Screen?

    The title says it all.
  4. Magixe

    X-Ville - Game Concept

    Ꮿ-VILLE Hello! I am Magixe, and I am currently working on a game titled X-Ville. The concept is this: You have died, but Death has decided to give you a second chance at life. If you can prove that you still want your life, Death will return your memories. You memories cost 1000 LP - LP are...
  5. Quxios

    Quasi Puzzle

    Quasi Puzzle A Version - 1.00 by Quasi * I'll make a better video on youtube eventually. About This plugin lets you create puzzle mechanics much easier. You can easily set up push / pull events as well as switches which require X amount of wait above it for it to trigger.  ...
  6. jerrypylant


    I made a coliseum of sorts for my game and I was wanting some feed back on it. The damages and monsters arent balanced but i'm working on that. Also there are some grammar errors. How this works. talk to the Coliseum Coordinator and pick one party member and they will do battle...
  7. EdCote

    Steal This Idea (2016)

    I have some ideas that I don't think I will actually use so I'll see if anyone might. If you guys want to continue this thread by posting your own that could be fun. Here's my first: A game that is not just in a steampunk theme, but that really lets you dig into tinkering. The main character...
  8. square357

    Action Sequences Not Working

    I have been trying to get a action sequence to work for a few hours and I can't get any movement to work. Not even cut and paste of any examples on the forums, nothing works! for example: <Target Action> move target: forward, 48, 12 motion wait: user perform action motion wait: user...
  9. Beedoe

    Undertale-Inspired Battle Mechanics

    Hi guys :D This is my first post here so sorry if it's in the wrong section. So I just finished Undertale and it...filled me with determination. I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for recreating a dialogue/action-based combat system. Undertale's top-down shooter/attack timing...
  10. Different Character leveling mechanic

    Is it possible, and if so, how, to make a character advancement system that works in the following way: Each character has a set of core stats that represent their physical and mental characteristics. I was thinking: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma (just...
  11. Warpmind

    Custom Attack Formula

    Is there any chance for a relatively simple plugin that can let one easily replace the hit/defense formulae? Can't seem to find any that does this - basically, I'm looking for a plugin that lets me punch in a new formula in its entirety; variables, random numbers, etc. to replace the default...
  12. GirlAnimePrincess

    Controlling Party-Members seperately

    I'm trying to make a game where you can split the party to deal with different puzzles, because each party member has a different ability.  Like, one member is bigger than the others, and can easily push boxes or hold heavy stuff that the others can't. What I need is a script that would let the...
  13. D&D 5e game mechanics.

    Hi guys, I'm completely new to rpgmaker and I'm looking at creating a game that uses the 5e mechanics in combat and out of combat. This is probably a huge undertaking I know, but it means I can create the sort of game I want but never see in the stores. If there is something I can download so...
  14. Creating stat curves with lowered level caps

    I'm currently planning the stats of my party members. However, because I hate fun, the party members in the game only go up to Level 20. RPG Maker VX Ace's stat-curve generator doesn't let you set the max level, however, only creating a curve from Level 1 to Level 99. This would just be awkward...
  15. dungeon diver

    Reversing the HP/MP Standard

    I want to do something slightly different with the values that have conventionally been used to abstract a character's well-being, but as a relative newbie to VXA's conventions (though OK with ruby) I'd appreciate knowing beforehand whether what I'd like to do is plausible and where I'd need to...
  16. Silent Darkness

    Grinding Alternative: Train with your fellow party members

    Okay, so I came up with an idea that can be used in an action RPG. A different take on what becomes inevitable at the end of early-game and onwards. The grind. Now, instead of putting money into stat boosts, or going into dungeon x and grinding 10000 lesser enemies, the thought occured to me...
  17. Silent Darkness

    The cure to Boss Tediumitis

    So, something occured to me. That by the end of an RPG, especially a longer one, the player might get a bit tired of boss fights. Or, at least, fall into a particular rhythm of fighting. Attack, magic, heal, buff, boss takes a turn, attack, magic, heal, buff, enemy has turn, ect ect ect. Boss...
  18. Helladen

    Helladen's Game Design Series

    Introduction I am starting a game design series on my blog. You can suggest new entries for me to talk about if you enjoy my perspective on game design. Any comments or criticism are appreciated as long as they are helpful. Chapter 1 Good Ideas are a Dime a Dozen
  19. Jarrad

    How do you tell people how to play?

    Not everyone you encounter will know how to play your RM game right off the bat, especially if you change up mechanics from the default system. So with that said, how do you tell people how to play your game? I'm stuck between a regular tutorial  I paste up on screen or a quest that gets you...
  20. FFT style RPG Mechanics possible?

    FFT, better known as Final fantasy tactics is a tactical rpg meaning, each character has has a given speed and this determines when they go in the turn order for battles.Other examples for this would be final fantasy tactics 2, tactics ogre, shining force, and disgaea. I was wondering/hoping if...

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