1. l8rose

    RMMV Starshard: Riverlord

    Starshard: Riverlords Very tentative title If you could have any wish granted, any wish at all, what would you wish for? Would you wish to return home, a place you left long ago? Would you wish for wealth? For Fame? For Family? Any wish granted without knowing the consequences. Would you still...
  2. leenat40

    RMMV Ulfar: Dreams

    THIS WAS MOVED TO "COMPLETED PROJECTS" AND THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED! Still in the alpha stages! The demo is just to get the general idea, of where the story is heading. World The Story The Game The Screenshots
  3. Orb

    Fantastic Building: Medieval [question]

    Hi, I'm thinking about buying the Medieval pack that it's available at the store (looks beautifully designed). But I have a couple of questions as is my first time purchasing. I don't use steam, so I wonder how the process work for non-steam users. When buying I'm asked to put an address, why...
  4. Using the new Medieval packs in VX Ace

    Hey, Is it possible to use the new Medieval packs in Vx Ace as well or would I have to go with the High Fantasy packs? What I like about the new packs is that you can create your own character.
  5. FREE Medieval story needs maps!

    Hello Adventure seeker! Would you like to roam across snowy mountains, dangerous forests, enormous cities that have dark, dark secrets hidden behind their meek appearance? Well... So would we! The little problem is that, we don't have snowy mountains, dangerous forests nor enormous cities...
  6. Stridah

    Eternal Conflict

  7. Lunarea

    Medieval: Bosses now available!

    Medieval: Bosses is now available! This affordable new pack features 8 large and intense bosses. From an Old God to a mutated trio, you're sure to find the true stuff of nightmares that will get your players' adrenaline pumping. As always, we value your input and can't wait to hear...
  8. Lunarea

    Medieval: Dungeons now available!

    We are pleased to announce that Medieval: Dungeons is now available for sale in the RPG Maker Web Store! This large pack throws you into the deepest depths of caverns, where ghouls, goblins and dragons prowl for unlucky adventurers and insolent heroes. Grab your copy today, and - as...
  9. Ixfuru

    RMVX NetherQuest (version 0.84)

    By: Ixfuru Current Version: 0.84 Last Update: 11/17/2019 Original Post: 11/25/2016 Start of Creation: 2000 (TableTop), 2012 (Coded) Current PlayTime: 15-100 hours VIDEO PREVIEW OF THE LATEST VERSION GAME SYNOPSIS WORLD CHARACTERS SCREENSHOTS Version 0.84...
  10. Wisely

    Medieval themed characters

    So, I saw a cool characters in the faces section who looks like medieval theme guard and another cool guy with knight outfit. I tried to create them in the character creator but the masks and some outfits werent there so I couldnt create them please help me I need to make them for my medieval...
  11. SlySlySly

    Medieval Music

    Hello! I have a medieval town in my game and none of the default music really fits. Neither does any of the hidden-ish music dmmv comes with. I was hoping someone could point me to some lively medieval sounding music. Preferably free to use.  (ps. i hope this is in the right forum, if it...
  12. Gravemaster

    Broken Reality V13! Try out the BIGGEST RPG Maker game today! Introducing version 13 of the game, featuring the brand new Floor 13 and tons of new content for all the previous Floors! While the game is loosely based on the SAO anime, its similarities with the...
  13. Bloopy

    Brittheim- A Brief Story of War

     Brittheim is a short game, about 40 minutes to an hour. It utilizes mostly default assets but every map ( and most characters!) was originally designed with custom lighting.  STORY:  Brittheim tells the story of a group of soldiers suddenly embroiled in a hopeless conflict. Throughout the...
  14. Drogo

    Is medieval boring now?

    I am currently planning to create a professional full RPG Maker MV game but im struggling with which theme to choose.. Since i'll be publishing it on here for you guys to play do you think a medieval setting and story is overdone now? Would you guys like to see something more steam punk or...
  15. Drogo

    Game Of Thrones: Fire & Blood

    Game Of Thrones: Fire & Blood   This is my first ever RPG game that i have created and that of which i have published. It is just a demo version the game lasts for about 10 to 15 minutes maybe less depending on whether you feel like grinding. It follows the popular TV show Game...
  16. Jesse - PVGames

    Medieval: Town and Country - Official Topic

    View more images below: Everything you need is inside to create literally thousands of unique characters including their spritesheets (with over 50 animations supported!), facesets, busts, and paperdolls. On top of that, there are an absolute ton of tiles included for you to build the...
  17. How to import medieval town bundle graphics???

    HALP! I recently purchased the medieval town bundle. It is very pretty. I had no trouble importing the tilesets but I have no idea how to import/resource manage the hundred of actor graphics (all the busts, character gen pieces, sprites etc) I have been trying by myself for hours and i am...
  18. Comedy vs. Realism: The delicate balance of medieval fantasy

    I loved A Knight's Tale, just going to say that now. I found the references to modern times hilarious and well-done, but could respect the aspects of the films that were accurate (I'm a history geek).  My question is: which is better, realism or comedy? A Knight's Tale did fairly well balancing...
  19. ddejan90

    RMVXA Dreams Of Adventure

    Hello! I'm working on a open-world, second life style game where every choice you make matters. It's set for realism, like you need to eat and drink to survive. I put over 1150+ hours and 150e in the game assets, and it has 8 hours of game play currently. I hope you enjoy it and leave some...
  20. Teneven

    How to make an item heal with a 25% chance to poison?

    My game is called Death's Glance. It's set in a world of magic. So, guns and technology aren't needed. Thanks to magic, the development of technology is much slower, meaning 100 years after Medieval Times ended for us, the era of the sword and of the shield is still thriving. Monsters have many...

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