1. The Commander

    The Legend of Markiplier

    The Legend of Markiplier is a fangame for popular YouTuber "Markiplier" developed on the RPG Maker VX (RMVX) engine by "Sir Areis Lionheart", and is the first game to be officially developed beneath the Commander Games Studios banner (Warriors of Guardias was the first game developed...
  2. Onomotopoeia

    Crafting Categories/Ideas, and What's in the Town?

    While looking into Vlue's Advanced Recipe Crafting script, specifically the crafting categories, a stray memory happened to pop into place. Sometime just after the Y2K rollover, while looking around the 'net for game-making tutorials, I came across a article which listed some things...
  3. Potato Lord

    (Indie Game) Title Screen

    Okay, so I need help creating a title screen for a indie game I am creating called "Marooned." It needs to show a dungeon entrance, and a sign saying "Zentai Dungeon", it needs to have a sunset in the background.  :(  My friend is an expert at using Photoshop and drawing, etc. but she won't...
  4. Gamer91112

    The Sword of Light III RPG

  5. History Idea for Game Project - Ironwalkers

    The Magic always bring unlimited power to the knowings and handlers.  You extraordinary way to control nature elements, and even create things that poor mind people, never would be able to imagine. There was a time where many has access to the Magic. And many power in the hand of many it is...
  6. Kevin O'Ryan


  7. Haydeos

    A Comic's Tale Demo available.

  8. kaleemmcintyre

    To A Distant Place

    Story Synopsis:   To A Distant Place is a fantasy theme role playing game centered around the story of Rolf, a tribal wulfen/wolfman who is fated to defeat six evil fiends along with five warriors from the land known as Arlim. The story deals with the feelings of betrayal, love, loss, fate, and...
  9. Darkstar0

    Gemania: Knights of Gem

    Legend:         Long ago a powerful celestial being came from the heavens and landed on what is now known as Gemania. The being demanded immediate worship and took the form of a Black Dragon for idolization. The being in his new dragon form was coated in dark metal with  a faint dark gem on...
  10. masashi86

    Artificial Princess Link to demo included

    Hello I finally got my first game's demo ready to test! Demo is Here It's there at the small website I built for the game It's still in Alpha version, so many things are still under construction. (from dialoques to the balancing of the battles) The demo has about 1 hour of playtime so far...
  11. Arin

    The Promised Land

      Hello, and welcome. I'm your friendly neighborhood Arin, and I'm glad you decided to check out my thread. This thread will be housing the next project in Devil's Advocate Gaming, "The Promised Land". This is a revamp of my first ever project in RPG Maker VX Ace, with the same title. Story...
  12. Scythuz

    [Music] Scythuz's Humble Store of Assorted Music

    Hi there my name is Scythuz, video game composer and maker of melodies! I would like to offer to make music for your game!  Music that sounds kind of like this! As you can probably tell from those samples, I can write in a lot of different styles.   I'm very adaptable and I'm always looking...
  13. Archeia

    World Building Discussion: Medieval Times

    World Building Discussion -Medieval Times- This is the start of a series discussing about World Building/Settings to help spice up our games. They are in form of "tutorials" and everyone can share their thoughts and ideas in this. Everyone is free to disagree with the written article and...
  14. rtester


    the game link is dead would anyone have a copy off it so i can play it?

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