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  1. DJ_Omnimaga

    RM2k/3 Superstar Hero, futuristic action-RPG

  2. KaiserTrigger

    Circusman.exe Spritesheet?

    Does anyone have a ready to use Sprite Sheet of Circusman.exe from the Battle Network series? I need one for a scene in a game I'm making. It's really hard for some reason to find one. Something with sprites like these but in the format for RPG Maker. I don't have the sprite skills to...
  3. Sidescrolling RPG?

    I want to make a Mega Man RPG, I want to know how to make proper sidescrolling for it to work though, something like I know, bad example, but it's really the only example I have, so, can anyone help?
  4. Solo

    Mega May!

    So... is anyone else enjoying Mega May on the 3DS eShop? ^_^ Mega Man IV (GB) is supposed to be released today, as a matter of fact. What are your favorite GB Mega Man games? Any you DON'T like? I know a lot of people dislike MMII (again, not the NES one, Mega May is all about GB/C games), but...

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hey, could u help me with a problem? basically, How do I delete a character from a map after a cut scene is over? I am really new with RPG maker MV. Please help!
The most rewarding part of making custom body character parts is absolutely not making the masks work. Somebody please put me out of my misery.
Any commercial devs here ever mess with Gamejolt? Been contemplating making my games available there but don't know if it's worth the effort or not.
Social distancing taught me of how much of not a loner I am. Dammit, I miss seeing my friends...
Happy 4th of July all. Anybody have plans? Mine here is staying home away from the virus. Still a nice 3 day weekend.

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