1. SolonWise

    RMMV A medieval game like Megaman

    Greetings. I've just read a thread about a game envolving the knights of the round, and I had an idea. Would you play a game like Megaman, where you can choose 8 bosses to fight, in any order, and after that you proceed to the last stage to face the final boss? Here is my idea... You are an...
  2. Megaman Battle Network-esque Title Screen

    Hello there, and thank you for taking the time to read this Script Request. There are some great animated title screen scripts out there, as well as basic title screen scripts, but through my extensive searching, I have yet to come across one that functions similarly to the Megaman Battle...
  3. KaiserTrigger

    Circusman.exe Spritesheet?

    Does anyone have a ready to use Sprite Sheet of Circusman.exe from the Battle Network series? I need one for a scene in a game I'm making. It's really hard for some reason to find one. Something with sprites like these but in the format for RPG Maker. I don't have the sprite skills to...
  4. Mr. Detective

    The Adventure Of High School Students

    Do you like anime? Do you like Mega Man Battle Network? Do you wish to see your favorite anime characters in a video game? If the answer is yes, then this might be the game that you've been looking for. The game is set in an alternate universe where characters from many different anime and video...

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