1. cellicom

    cellicom's PartySaver - Save and Load the order of party members

    Hi to all, I have developed a plugin for myself, but I think it might be useful to someone. cellicom's Party Saver RPG Maker MV Plugin cellicom Features ● Save the order of party members. ● Load and Overwrite the order of party members. How to use Easy Peazy! USE A SCRIPT BLOCK! How to...
  2. atoms

    If you have many, many party members, how do you encourage players to try some of them?

    So let's say you have 10, 15, or even more party members. Let's say only 3-4 are in battle at a time too, but to keep this broad yes let's say 5 can or even 6 characters can be in the battle at once. Still though, even then, there are many more side-party members. So, in any of those...
  3. Arctorius

    Heal dead and alive members

    So, dumb question, is there a plugin that lets you heal both dead and alive members? As far as I know the only one I could find had compatibility problems with Yanfly's. I've checked Yanfly's Target and Selection Core but there doesn't seem to be a notetag that let's you do that. I searched in...
  4. atoms

    Switching party members in battle, how would you use it?

    I've recently been curious about the game feature of having many party members and being able to switch between them in battles, but I can't see how to make this work in an RPG Maker game. The reason I say that is because anyone way I look at it, it seems to me the player would become...
  5. tammie

    Why 30 posts until Classifieds?

    I just have a quick question. Why is it required that a member have 30 posts before he/she can access the classifieds?
  6. Nathyn171

    [Solved] Is there a way to change the number of non-reserve party members?

    How can I change the max number of non-reserve party members? The default is four, and I want to change it to two, so that all members added to the party when there are two or more will become reserve members.
  7. Help me with Actors Please..

    Hey I am new to RPG Maker I guess you could say I'm a noob. And I'm working on my first game but I can't figure out how to change the number of starting party members. I went to actors in the database and right clicked on the unneeded actors and click clear but now they show up in my game as...
  8. dfox20

    Remember Party Order

    So basically what i'm doing is doing a summon common event kinda like Aeons in FFX where everyone leaves the party and gets replaced by the summon. My issue is when either the summon dies or wins and the party comes back, they are in the wrong order.(lets say i have party members 4,2,6 on the...
  9. Znikomek

    Find active party member

    Hi, i looking for a java code that show me what party member i now active. I need that to show updated stats in equip menu. Thanks for help.
  10. Dacuna

    Inevitable request for 5 party members incoming!

    I'm sure many people would like a plugin that allows more than 4 actors to appear on the menu screen and the sideview battle system, but I'm surprised one hasn't been made yet like Yanfly's Ace Core Engine in RPG Maker VX Ace. It may be harder this time around because of the sideview battle...
  11. Black Noise

    Conditional Branch: How many Party Members?

    As I'm working on my game, I basically want to implement dialogue that varies based on how many party members are present. For example, I want to rest at an inn and if my Party leader is alone, he'll say "I wish to stay for the night." But if he has at least one party member with...
  12. Black Noise

    Conditional Branch: How many Party Members?

    As I'm working on my game, I basically want to implement dialogue that varies based on how many party members are present. For example, I want to rest at an inn and if my Party leader is alone, he'll say "I wish to stay for the night." But if he has at least one party member with...
  13. SEK


    SEK_HiddenMembers - v 1.1 By SEK Introduction Not fighting members will be behind your fighting members! Features -Show not fighting members behind your fighting members! -Set their opacity in the plugin manager. -Change their opacity with plugin command. -Change display style. Plugin...
  14. SEK


    SEK_AllMembersFight - v 2.0 By SEK Introduction With this plugin you can set a limit to the members in battle. When someone dies, the next avaliable one joins. Features -Limit the number of fighting members. -Make an enemy appear when one dies. -Make an actor appear when one dies. -Show...
  15. Kuroko Tetsuya

    Trying to make a complex event

    Okay so I have been using rpg maker vx ace for about a week now. In this time I have learned how to do a lot of different things. There is one thing however that no matter what I search for online, or what I try to do on the program, I cannot figure out how to do it. My question here is how do...
  16. Jory4001

    Get # of Party Members

    I am performing actions based on the Party members actor IDs. However if there is no party member present in one or more of the checked party slots, the game returns an error. How can I first check how many party members there are so I can set when to break the loop? Below is what I'm trying...
  17. RpgN00B

    Looking For A Team

    Im Looking for a Team of about 4-5 People that will be wiling to work on a game with others. I am looking for 1: A Music/ Sound FX Composer 2: Someone who can use Photoshop 3: An Artist 4: A person who can use Sprite Creating programs well. 5: and A world Designer I would also like to...
  18. Alistair

    Load/Save Parties

    ~ Load & Save Parties  ~ by Alistair   For the latest updates please visit my blog. I won't update this thread anymore. This script will allow you to save party formations and load them later on. Instructions: Place this script in a free slot above Main but below Materials. Use the given...
  19. sonichacker

    Need help with script

    If some one can help me with this can some one tell me how to edit the script of party members on RPG Maker VX Ace i want my rpg to have 4 characters as the main quest and the 16 rest as after game quest can some one make a youtube video or detailed instructions on how to have more than 4...
  20. Silent Darkness

    Grinding Alternative: Train with your fellow party members

    Okay, so I came up with an idea that can be used in an action RPG. A different take on what becomes inevitable at the end of early-game and onwards. The grind. Now, instead of putting money into stat boosts, or going into dungeon x and grinding 10000 lesser enemies, the thought occured to me...

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