1. AeroPergold

    RPG Maker Themed Meme Thread

    Hi all! Scott here. Welcome to my meme thread where you can post videos and image macros manufactured to be memes. The only caveat is that all memes in this thread stay focused on RPG Maker software, games, and the community (the last one also having the rule of being in good fun and not to be...
  2. Angel.K1tty

    [Art Game] Character Redesign Meme!

    I was looking through my old drawings and I saw a thing a did where I drew the main character of my project in different outfits based on songs I like. I thought it was fun so I wanted to prompt other artists to do the same. I made templates with the two characters I used and also a blank...
  3. Tuomo L

    Do you finish a game before starting a new one?

    I'm curious, do you guys keep working and focusing on only one project or when you get a brand new shiny idea or like a new contest opens, do you just leave the old project or do you try and spread your energy among multiple projects? Personally, I try and focus myself into a single project at...
  4. Orb

    50 character meme (Challenge)

    So I saw this tag on deviantart and I thought it was AWESOME. It's pretty simple: Take the template, and fill it up with 50 of your favorite fictional characters (it can be anything: movies, videogames, anime, books...) and once you finish it, share it us! With no further explanation, here's...
  5. Chester

    Character Deaths

    I would like everyone to express their feelings or in this case a meme, after the death of a character meow :3 Just so everyone knows, SPOILER ALERT!!!!! Spider-man
  6. Matchitza

    How Do You React To Nyan Cat? :3

    Ok, so first Nyan Cat is an internet meme. Hope you guys know it! For who haven't know it yet, you can watch the video i shared below, reply of what you think! Tell us your reaction to this cat! First of all, let's get to the animated gif without songs: And now let's get to the video!
  7. Archeia

    Draw This Again!

    Original By: Bampire   This is a fun challenge and to see how much you improved over the course of the years (or months...or weeks...). Why not try it out?

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