1. Random WebGL Error

    Version Info: PixiJS 4.5.4 - WebGL RPG Maker MV 1.6.3 - (Steam Version) Computer - MacOS 11.1 w/ - Graphics: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 1536 MB - Memory: 32 GB 3733 MHz LPDDR4X - Processor: 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 Randomly when I test my build or actually deploy it it get this error...
  2. AdamSakuru

    Way to check total memory usage?

    Object.keys(ImageManager.cache._inner) So I'm aware you can put this into the log to show every image being cached. But is there a way to check the total memory usage?
  3. Akrib

    Memory Leak

    Hello everyone!, Since this had been adressed several times already, I thought that this would have been fixed: If I open the menu scene in the game and close it again for a few times in a row, more and more memory will be used, eventually crashing the whole game (with my 4GB RAM Computer...
  4. Akrib

    Unload specific images from cache/ Cache Organisation

    Hello everyone, I searched a lot, but it seems like this has never really been adressed properly: Is there a script-call or a plugin to unload specific images from the image-cache? This should be an important question for a lot of parallax mappers. I know that there is the automatic garbage...
  5. How to Install the "redis" on RMMV

    The redis: https://redis.io/ Before starting: I'm South Korean, it's mean... i don't use English well. and please understand when i use English silly Original article: http://avangs.info/study_rpg_mv/1682432 First of all, i just test at "window 10", "RMMV 1.5.2", "redis 2.8.0", "redis-server...
  6. What is this gray section?

    What is the gray section of the pie chart? I realize most of the memory used by my play tests are unlisted in task manager as well. Edit: Removed tag chrome debugger as this is also a more generic problem with memory later in thread
  7. KillerGin

    OMG Memory Hog! Causing PC Crashes! Why? Help!

    Here's a series of screen shots, where one can plainly see the memory use increasing as the Actor goes from Map to Map (House to House...) All I do is walk to a house, enter, walk around then out and on to the next one. The memory rises; it had climbed a bit more still after the last pic, the...
  8. L.W. Flouisa

    Out Of Memory error

    I just got a copy of the trial today after transitioning from windows which I had my original copy of vx ace. Linux Mint has a compatibility layer called wine, which I'm able to run most windows programs without a problem, except for specific things. When I opened RPG Maker VX Ace, after...
  9. Need help one last time(i hope)

    Lately ive bin wokring on a plugin. Got it even to a point where i can say it does everything i want it to be able too. if not for one thing. Ingame changes made cant be rememberd after you shutdown the game. Ive got my variables from the plugin: var Enabled1 = parameters['Enabled 1']; var...
  10. DShroom

    Moving Pictures and How many colours is too many?

    Hi everyone. I'm about to have a crack at Parallax mapping for the first time, kind of struggling to find a nice rounded tutorial from start to image, that isn't just visuals to music, and doesn't use outdated script, but found a few so hopefully should be able to make it through. EDIT: Ok a...
  11. [ACE] Delete Yanfly battle log entries when it gets too full?

    Referring to https://github.com/Archeia/YEARepo/blob/master/Battle/Combat_Log_Display.rb there is a pause when loading the combat log during battle, and I suspect that there's a possibility that checking it after a very long battle or when there is already a lot of memory being used could cause...
  12. outcry312

    Perspective - IGMC Contest Entry - Free-Roam Puzzle Game, Check it out!

    Perspective Hey everyone! Throughout the whole contest I completely forgot there was a forum or anything. Upon discovering, I thought I'd share my game here, since I see other games out and about doing the same. This is my IGMC Entry, and I'm looking for feedback as well as more people to play...
  13. mlogan

    Creating a memory scene

    I am working on creating a cutscene that is a memory. I've seen some in the past that went black and white to convey a memory. I was going for a "fuzzy" effect to show the same. I'm not sure I've accomplished that. I used a picture with semi-transparent color, fading to no color in the middle...

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