menu box

  1. CapitalAkito

    Custom Menu Windows

    To start out, the project I'm working on in MV has a resolution of 1920x1080, so naturally the menu and message windows stretch across the screen and don't look very appealing at all. SRD's Super Tools Engine seemed to do the trick for a while until I began to add other plugins to the list. I...
  2. Hyperly

    How to center menu windows/commands

    I'm looking for anything that would let me center the menu but I can't find anything in the scripts. Is there any community scripts that could do this, or is there an easy solution that I missed? EDIT: NEVERMIND, AGAIN I found out that you could just add @command_window.x = *some integer value*...
  3. Sinalma

    help with menu

    hi, i'd like to show only the items, save and quit windows and erase status, equip... so i tried editing the scripts taking away from the window_menu and i think some others too but it wont disapear, the max i can do is make it into a useless bottom in which nothing happens when pressed or a...
  4. OmegaLi

    Menu ui too large in battle

    My menu screen is a lot larger than what it's supposed to be and I can't figure out why. It stays like this in battle and it's really annoying for me to get passed it. I'm not sure exactly what I did to cause this. These are my list of plugins. The last one I added before this issue came up was...
  5. Need help setting a custom menu 'box' on the main menu

    Hey, so i'm making a new game and I've been searching around the forums and I can't seem to find any plugins/solutions to my problem. Basically, I want to get rid of the 'box' on the main menu (start, load, etc.) and replace it with my own custom text made in photoshop. Here's what I mean...

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