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  1. How do I show variables in menu (possibly with plugins)?

    I want to have a section in the menu for showing different variables for custom stats. I couldn't find any way to do that in rpg maker itself and tried to look for plugins to do that, but no luck there either. Is there a way to do this that I missed or any plugins to allow me to do this?
  2. Dralctig

    RMMV "Single Actor / Stat Distribution" incompatibility - please help. RMMV

    I'm using Stat Distribution plugin by SumRndmDde and I want implement Single Actor by Ventiq. Both plugins works perfect by their own. Stat Distribution adds a new command/window in the player's menu while Single Actor change the player's menu aspect. When I use Single Actor, the new menu keeps...
  3. RMMV Split and freely position menu commands

    Hello RPG Maker Community I'll get straight to the point. What I'm looking for is a way (at best a plugin) to freely move the commands in the main menu of RPG Maker MV (e.g. Items, Options, Save, Quit). At the moment this menu is a single object, which in the best case can only be moved...
  4. AndracoDragons

    [RMMV] How do I change terms that are not available for change in the 'terms database' SOLVED

    Maker: RPg Maker MV Version: 1.6.2 Hello everyone I am just looking to how to change terms that you cant change through the terms database. Specificly I mean these terms. If anyone knows of a plug in or if its in the core plug ins so I can change it there that would be appreciated. I dont...
  5. J-G

    Creating a window with similar function

    So I'm planning on using YEPs menu manager plugin but I'm not sure I can accomplish what I want. In the link below is a video where It shows him opening up the limit break window from the main menu. Then in the window he has options for skills to be set or checked. The skills are divided in to 4...
  6. ovate

    Custom Title Screen

    Custom Title Screen Ver 1.11 | 2007/8/5 Creator name: paradog Introduction Use images for menu commands on title screen, Or set the position and transparency of the command window. Features - Setting to use images on title screen or not - X and Y coordinates for positioning - 3 types of image...
  7. ovate

    Custom Title Screen

    Custom Title Screen Ver 1.00 | 2008/9/20 Creator name: paradog Introduction Use images for menu commands on title screen, Or set the position and transparency of the command window. Features - Setting to use images on title screen or not - X and Y coordinates for positioning - 3 types of...
  8. 5crem

    Plugin adding common event to party command menu

    Hey all, I'm Looking for a Plugin that adds a common Event to the Party command menu in battle. I want to use it for a Monster catch mechanic. It is supposed to look like this: Fight Catch - this would trigger command Event x Formation Escape And an Option to Show/hide this command through...
  9. [RMVX Ace] How to create "Load" call script to "Original Commands?"

    For starters, Good 'Day, Everyone! So my question / request is how can... I / anyone create a script like this? I inspired / based my RPG Maker Horror Game on "Witch's House " that's why I also want a simple and similar menu likes this! First picture would be this one: This is the menu option...
  10. OnslaughtSupply

    Modification to Mog's Mog_SceneMenu

    What I would like is a modification to MogHunter's Monogatari(Spelling?) Menu Plugin. What I need is parameters added to have X and Y values for each of the commands. By default, the plugin sets them up staggered and the X/Y only controls where they start and not each individual value. I'm using...
  11. Poppie360

    Help with changing Menu commands

    I'm using this item scene rather than the one that comes with the project when you make a new one. what i want to do is make it so that the "item" command in the menu when you press "X" goes to the scene in that system (Scene_GridInventory)...
  12. megumi014

    Black/White background when loading menu picture

    Hi, I'm trying to learn javascript and I've been messing around with the Command Menu (following a tutorial and trying to change things here and there), but I stumbled upon an issue and I have no idea how to fix it because I don't understand what is the engine doing or why. I'm trying to put a...
  13. Faherya

    Locked Commands Fix

    Locked Commands Fix Introduction Ignore misspellings, I do not speak english. When certain functions of some menus are blocked, the command continues to appear, but darkened. I find it interesting to show these options only when they are useful so this code prevents them from appearing. It is a...

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