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  1. Kristina

    RMMV SumRndmDde Alt Menu - Move Sprite

    I'm using one of SumRndmDde's Alt menus, the one called KH (kingdom hearts) I love it because it got just the style I needed! However as seen on the picture below the actor sprite is cut off. Is there a way to move it so you can see the whole sprite?
  2. ScytheX

    question about buying plugins.

    would anyone happen to know what the price range for buying a plugin? specify how much would a menu and/or H.U.D. (HP, MP, TP, Bars ) and if asked would it be to make them where they are compatible with other plugins?
  3. asanogaijin

    Problem: Drawing Yanfly's JP in alternate menu plugin

    Hello everyone! I have a plugin / JS related question that no matter how much I tried I haven't been able to solve... I am using SmRndmDde's alternate menu plugin "BustIcons" which is amazing, and I've customized it to a point that I like removing the message bar at the top or removing the text...
  4. Loading Issues

    Whenever I start my game and go into the menu, the character busts do not load. When I exit and open the menu a second time, the character busts load. I do not know why my game does this. Do I need to use a loading script? Also, I am using Galv's Bust Menu plugin.
  5. Shirona_Kurayami

    Adjusting Moghunter's Monogatari Menu to a wider screen size (MV)

    Hey i just recently found Mog's Monogatari menu and fell instantly in love with it. Sadly the game I'm planning will have a wider resolution, about 1280x720 or so and i have no clue of Java script and scripts in general ^^" So it would be nice if someone could help me understand at least the...
  6. Luminous

    Trying to use alt menu screen with MADO Tool

    Hi, everyone, I'm trying to mix mado window maker with alt menu screen kingdom heart, but something like this happens. What should I do to make all the window into mado style? Thanks for hearing ^^ The plugin I use can be found here
  7. Return button on all menus

    Hi i was wondering if there was any way to place a return button OR a text in every menu to remember players how they can go back (as i think its a bit difficult to remember that double tap in android goes back) any thoughts? 

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