menu screen

  1. RMMV Item use requirements menu screen

    I am trying to create a food system for my MV RPG. I made food items to decrease the characters' hunger on the menu screen. However I haven't found any plugin that works in the menu screen that makes items usable on characters on script conditions (if hunger is greater than 0). There are some...
  2. Center menu screen

    I need some help (even if it's in game files) to make a center menu screen. It needs to be in the center, but the statusWindow and the goldWindow keeps it from being in the center and maintains it in the left. It would be better if it's a plugin, but I would really love any help, even if it's...
  3. tale

    Variable Window (for menu screen)

    Variable Window (menu screen addon) - 2012.12.06 (Ver1.00) Creator name: prico Overview Adds a window that can display variable. Features - Switch number to show variable window (0, already displayed by default) - Variable window title string - Variable window suffix: ex- ".Pt" - Shown above...
  4. AoSapphire

    [Ace] Show text messages while in menu screen.

    I've been wondering about this for quite awhile but is there any script that lets you show text messages while the menu screen is open? There's a scene that I want to make. It would be like this: Player would talk to, let's say tutorial npc. Then after talking for a bit, the menu screen will...
  5. tale

    Menu Screen Layout Resize

    dsScreenLayoutSize - ver1.0.3 (2018/09/08) Creator name: Douraku Overview Plugin for resizing menu screen layout Features - Parameters for height and width layouts of Map, Menu, and Battle. Screens When changing the screen resolution with YEP_CoreEngine or etc. You can set the size of menu...
  6. Chef

    Menu Screen Help needed

    Good evening, So I've been trying to figure out how to modify a menuscreen without succes. And I was wondering if someone could help me? What I want from the menu already is in the AlmanacMenu JavaScript file but I have no clue on how to fix any issues or put things in the right order. I...
  7. SeikoAllure

    How to remove certain things in the menu.

    I'm trying to make a horror/thriller game. I want to know how to remove certain things in the pause menu. I want to remove Gold, formation, skills, equipment and status. Also what to know how to remove the class and MP. Thank you in advance!
  8. TheGreenHorse

    Tweaking your menu screen

    Welcome! The aim of this tutorial is to help RGSS3 begginers learn how to change their menu screen according to their wish. This is slightly more advanced and powerful than Tweaking your title screen. It's a menu, and it's a bundle of things. Scene_Menu Class Disable Menu Commands...
  9. Rishabh Varshney

    menu scripts

    Hello every one after a lots of research i found nothing on the menu script that i want a menu script like the picture.does any one help Thank you in advance

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