1. bluechuii

    Editing Player name and selection for the Game menu

    Hello, could someone possibly tell me how to move the name more to the left above the face art, please? (this is in the main in-game menu part before going into any 'Items' or 'Options'. Image: And also Could someone possibly tell me how to make the selection smaller in the Items menu (when...
  2. Manthra

    Prevent closing equip scene if no weapon's equipped? [XP]

    Hi, could anyone tell me what do with this? I wanted to add an " if " to prevent closing the equip menu in case no weapon is equipped. I guess I should insert some kind of "if no weapon is equipped..." before the $scene = Scene_Menu.new(2) in scene equip, after the Input.trigger?(Input::b)...
  3. RMMZ Plug-in that add custom settings options and plugins that add title screen modes

    I want a plug-in that add your own joke settings, with variables and switches tied to them. Also I want a plug-in that let you add new custom “modes” on the title screen, they functions like the new games button, but starts you in a different place. Any plugins there that let me do these things?
  4. SPkiller31

    Changing in-game menu and it's look

    Hi, As far as I'm aware, people want to see very specific question so I'll try my best. I'm very new to RPG Maker so sorry if something sounds obvious or stupid. I'm making horror game that I plan to release at the end of year as commercial though not so pricy product on Steam (saying that to...
  5. KevinLink

    RMMV I need help with a custom menu

    So I made this menu with the help of several plugins, to remove the HP, MP, TP, and give the proportions I wanted for the window. And it turned out really cute. But I want to have 4 members in my party, and having more than 2 is already buggy. So could someone help me with a plugin that...
  6. isaias20

    change tabs with mouse (VX ACE)

    Hello everyone. We all know that when you open the inventory in RPG Maker there are 2 o more tabs. If you select a category with the mouse, you position on some item that you have it, but if from there you want to select the other tab with the mouse, nothing happens, you must leave the...
  7. BrickleYourFrickle

    Color-coding magic types in the skill menu

    I have several different "schools" of Magic (like holy, dark, nature, chaos, arcane magic, etc.) in my RPG, with each filling different roles in combat and the overworld. The thing is, player-characters can learn spells from any school. To keep the battle menu uncluttered, I also consolodated...
  8. 0hKay

    How do I edit the in-game menu in VXAce?

    I'm making a horror game, but I only want to display the character name/face (not hp/exp stats), items (preferably under the character info, I don't want a separate menu for them), and save/exit button. How do I do this??
  9. ovate

    Tweaks: Skip First Title, Quick Swap, Timer Resume

    Skip First Title If there's no save file, the game starts a new game without a title screen. Note: The event command [Return to Title Screen], will be displayed as usual. Preview Installation Paste this script above Main. Script...
  10. Adamuss

    RMMV Technical Plugins, for menu interface

    Hola comunidad, preguntar si existe algun plugin para MV con el que puedan cambiar el "tema" del menu del juego con pokemon rubi, zafiro y esmeralda; También me gustaría un complemento que me permitiera seleccionar un personaje como lo hacen juegos como omori y otros juegos. Si saben de alguno...
  11. ovate

    Tween Animation

    Tween Animation 2013/05/11 Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) Overview Adds tween animation functionality to RGSS3 (Animate menu sample script included) Preview Note: If you're knowledgeable in RGSS3 and Tween animation you could use these transitions. Available transition :linear...
  12. hoboayoyo

    Customized Equip / skill preview menu.

    So i want to try to make a custom menu for my skill system that goes as follows. 1: Select your character 2: Select to seams crystal (armor) you want that character to equip(id like to be able to equip up to 2. 3: Show what skills will be changed when that seams is highlighted (before you...
  13. dennis_the_tennis

    Change the current character on the Status screen

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to figure out how to do something that I feel like should be pretty simple, but I'm stumped. When I'm viewing the Status scene, I want the player to be able to press left or right to move to the next actor and view their status screen as well, without having to go...
  14. Tamsyn548

    RMMV Add to Options Menu?

    Hi, my options menu has the default options plus Animated Tiles and Keyboard Config from a couple of Yanfly's scripts. I'm wanting to add another setting, which simply turns a switch on and off (this switch will disable a game feature). How can I add things to the options menu? I put this in...
  15. RMMV Help me with a MogHunter plugin, PLEASE

    Hello. I was all day looking for how to put an image gallery in the Menu, and I can't. Everyone uses the MogHunter gallery. I managed to download the script. I put it on, but nothing. Everyone seems to have trouble with details, but no one anywhere explains how to make it appear on the menu. And...
  16. ovate

    Alternate PlayTime Window - With Time text

    NYA_PlayTimeWindow2 - 2.2.0 (2018/09/25) Creator name: Nyatama Overview Adds a playtime window to the menu screen. Note: May conflict with other menu plugins, place this below them Features - Parameters for x, y coordinates and also - Display text, alignment, opacity, text color Preview...
  17. phantomstarlight

    RMMV Altering look of Item Menu

    Hi! I was trying to create a plugin that would alter the look of the item menu, specifically the part that comes up when you select "items" in the menu. So far I was able to adjust the size of the "Item Category Window" but I can't seem to figure out how to change the size of the other windows...
  18. ShinyRedUmbreon

    Are there any 3 party member menu layout scripts?

    The title basically says it all. I'm searching for a kind of script that only displays room on the status part of the menu for 3 party members, and while not a necessity if the menu was centered that'd be pretty cool too. I've done a lot of digging, but it seems like people are more interested...
  19. kattongues

    RMMV Help with deleting stats in menu screen :c (using yanfly)

    Hi! I hope this is the right thread. im trying my best to navigate to the correct threads so sorry if this was posted in the wrong place :kaoeh: I've been slowly learning coding as I go about making this game and some things have been making sense as far as eventing goes, but I keep running...
  20. Passingbyposts

    RMMZ Visustella Equips Core : Layered Actor Drawing by Variable? [Solved]

    Hi All As always im throwing myself onto the great community to see if they can guide me from throwing my head against the brick wall :kaoswt: I'm hoping more for a confirmation then a full solution (though if someone is able to provide it i'd be eternally grateful) My game has a super...

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