1. casper667

    [CSCA] Menu MOD

    CSCA Menu MOD By: Casper Gaming Last Update: 3/7/2013 Latest Version: 1.1.1 Introduction This script will modify the gold window in the main menu. In addition to separating the gold amount with commas now, it also displays playtime and location which can be set by using simple notetag commands...
  2. casper667

    [CSCA] Menu Theme

    CSCA Menu Theme By: Casper Gaming Last Update: 7/24/2012 Latest Version: 1.2 Introduction This script will play a BGM specified by you in the menu scenes, and then automatically replay the previous BGM and BGS on menu exit. Features Play a menu theme when the player opens a menu Automatically...
  3. casper667

    [CSCA] Menu Organizer

    CSCA Menu Organizer By: Casper Gaming Last Update: 7/20/2013 Latest Version: 1.0.6 Introduction This script will allow you to easily add any CSCA Scripts to your main menu. You can also easily change default commands too. Features Easily add CSCA scripts to menu Turn menu entries ON/OFF with...
  4. Eliaquim

    Eli Quit Menu Common Event - Play a common event every time menu closes.

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction You may want to increase a variable or turn on a switch automatically depending on what equipment the actors are using. Or, to do several things like changing the appearance of the character, increase speed, and more. This plugin allows you to do this check...
  5. AndracoDragons

    [RMMV] How do I change terms that are not available for change in the 'terms database' SOLVED

    Maker: RPg Maker MV Version: 1.6.2 Hello everyone I am just looking to how to change terms that you cant change through the terms database. Specificly I mean these terms. If anyone knows of a plug in or if its in the core plug ins so I can change it there that would be appreciated. I dont...
  6. Mewgles

    RMMZ Menu Engine/something

    I've recently started to port my VXA Menu Editor to MZ and things quickly got out of hand since I haven't touched the original in years and I've got quite a few ideas on how to enhance it. Though I'm not too sure on how useful these features are which is why I'm posting here. The following...
  7. Maelstrome

    Custom Menu Help

    Hey everyone, I'm new around here and still a little green with RPG Maker itself. I wasn't entirely sure where to put this so sorry if it's in the wrong area of the forums. Anyway, the advanced functions are still a little nuanced to me but I'm having a bit of trouble with the menu systems. I've...
  8. peves

    How can I let the player delete save files? Also Complex Lists?

    So first: I basically want to create an extra option in the main menu to delete saves: New Game Continue Delete Save(s) Shutdown Something like ^ This. It would bring up the save files the way the Continue game option would and then if the user clicks on one of the files they could get a yes...
  9. Remove Menu Button In Corner

    Hi! Even though it may be useful for mobile I think the button in the corner to open the menu is rather ugly. Is it possible to remove it? If not possible in vanilla is there a plugin for that as of yet? Thank you!
  10. StartTsu_

    RMMZ I would like to learn how to customize the UI manually

    I would like to be able to change the position and size of the menus in my game and now the buttons that are not selected have a background i'm thinking of removing this but I could not find the line that makes it
  11. RMMV PIXI Filter Controler over Menu

    I am using the PIXI filter controller by Tsukimi-neko for MV. I am trying to have the filter effect (namely the "adjustment effect for RGB modification) drawn over the menu, as well as the screen. When you use the "1: whole-screen" option it draws over the screen, until the menu is brought up...
  12. Lance of Longinus

    Making the MZ menu look more like the MV menu?

    I've currently started an attempt to bring a project from the Rpg Maker MV to the Rpg Maker MZ and I'm struggling to get it to look like I want it to look. How it used to look in the Rpg Maker MV (here I managed to give it a nice retrofuturistic appearance): How it looks now: I'm having 4...
  13. Is it possible: Slide menu with animations?

    Hello! I am completely new to RPG Maker and the forum, I hope I'm posting my question in the right place :) I'm wondering if there's a way to create a menu like the one in Super Mario All-Stars for SNES. Here's a linkt to an example: I'd love for the selected title-screen to also be animated...
  14. Aeonex

    RMMV Displaying Sprites in the Main Menu Scene

    How could I go about adding a image/sprite in the main menu scene? Thanks!
  15. Kokonaugt

    Help with menu elements position

    Hello! I'm using a somewhat small resolution for my MV project (768*720, a NES resolution with 3 times enlarged pixels) and I'm having some trouble setting up the menus. Overall it's starting to work ok, but I want to move some elements around : Here the names of the characters don't properly...
  16. casper667

    CGMZ Menu Command Window

    CGMZ Menu Command Window By: Casper Gaming Last Update: 8/22/2020 Latest Version: 1.0 Introduction Use this plugin to easily manage the command window in the menu scene. It allows you to re-arrange commands or use JavaScript to add custom commands which are capable of calling custom plugin...
  17. TheDrifter

    Need help fixing Playtime Window with SRD_MenuBackgrounds

    Hi, I've created a brand new Test project with only two plugins in it: Playtime Window from JGreene found here. and SRD_MenuBackgrounds from SumRndmDde found here. I've set up the Menu Backgrounds correctly: As required, in the Test project's image folder, I created a folder called...
  18. thecursedcometh

    Show Next Unlockable Skill On Actor?

    I'm looking for a script that shows the next unlockable skill in an actor's menu. I'm not sure if it should be in the Status or Skills menu, but I'd say Status fits more. It would be good if it's compatible with Yanfly's Cores, as I'm using those. I've looked around the forums and master list...
  19. OldManHan

    More Battle Options Plugin?

    I've read plenty of threads concerning this, and none of the linked plugins seem to help. I'm looking for a plugin/option that allows customization of the battle menu per-fighter. For example: Instead of performing a simple attack, could "Attack" open a menu of various specific moves? Could...
  20. Yawgmoth

    Non-party member skills available in battle?

    Hi all, So I was brainstorming a concept and I don't think their is anyway to accomplish it without a script of some kind. I would also be interested in other possible options but felt this was the best most likely place to post my question. I have an actor who is not in the party but is the...

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