1. Nutty171

    [Bug/Oversight] Right-click menu sometimes goes offscreen.

    User: Nutty171 Bug/Oversight: The right-click menu can sometimes go offscreen. How to replicate the bug from a new project: Set the size of the map list panel to the smallest you possibly can. Right-click the map. The menu should go off of the screen. It will show you the whole menu the first...
  2. Kraden96

    Removing Specific Parameters From Yanfly's Plugins.

    Hello fellow designers, coders, and general fans! Does anyone know how to remove the Max MP (or replace Max MP with Max TP) and luck from the menu and aftermath screen from yanfly's core scripts without leaving blank boxes? Our game intends on utilizing Tp as if it were mp for the way our...

    [Help] Dynamic Choice List....heh...=\

    Hi! I've been looking for some tool, plugin or tutorial to help me with the implementation of a choice list. Which will vary in size and content, according to 2 or 3 things. The main objective of it is to give players the option to spend more MP than required by a skill, boosting its effect...
  4. orcomarcio

    Creating new entry for combat menu

    Hi, I'm starting to handle the customization of the menus for the game I'm working on and I'm mostly oblivious to this part of MV. I tried to add an entry in the combat menu called "tactic" which contains 4 commands (2 for changing actor row, 1 for changing weapon and one to pass turn). The...
  5. Menu bar/dash/hud to display information on game map?

    Hi, I'm looking for a plugin that allows me to show certain variables in a menu bar at the top of the screen. For example I'd like to be able to show time of day, days played, gold, etc. when wandering about the game map. Does something like this exist?
  6. MrWhite

    Having Trouble with Main Menu

    Following Problem: I would like to have a Music Manager in my Title Menu (Not the Ingame Menu). Therefore I got this plugin here: MOG_Music_Book ( It works perfect in the InGameMenu, but I would also like it in the TitleMenu. I tried to bind it...
  7. tale


    MPP_SimpleEquipWindows - 2016/07/23 (ver. 1.4) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Simplified Equipment Screen Features - It deletes "Equip" from the equipment menu. - It's possible to move with the up and down arrow keys. Screens Credit and Thanks: Mokusei Penguin Terms of Use- Free...
  8. Aien2323

    Moghunter Scene_Menu with GameusQuestSystem

    So I'm having difficulty getting these two scripts to run together. I also have YEP_MainMenuManager. The problem comes from the Quest%20Journal.png file not being in the img/menus/main/commands directory as seen in the attached picture. But I added one as seen in the second attachment. In...
  9. Menu button that transfers player?

    The game I'm working on has an overworld map system just like the 2D Mario games. And in those games, you can pause mid-level to exit back to the overworld. So, I'm looking for some sort of plugin that adds a menu button that will transfer the player back to the overworld map, and is only...
  10. Digital Religion

    Removing Default Windows

    I have created my own gold window with the code below which works perfectly. The only thing is that the original gold window is still visible as well. As Shown in image below. How would I go about removing the original window? Its something in the rpg_scenes.js right? My Code: (function()...
  11. MushroomCake28

    MUSH Plugins: Item Collector Menu

    MushroomCake28's Item Collector Menu - version 1.03 by MushroomCake28 Introduction: Have you ever wanted a scene that keep tracks of all the items you gained? A completion list that tells you how much of all the items you have? That also keeps track of chests you opened? Something with a bit...
  12. In game Menu changes?

    So recently got RPG Maker MV and been playing around a bit with it. But my biggest problem right now is the in game menu. This is a sum up of what I've done and what I want to do. I'm not sure if this is the right part of the forum to post this, if not.. then I'm sorry about that. Anyway...
  13. Nirvis

    Requesting Custom Menu

    I gave up on trying to make my own custom menu through stacking plugins, which usually end up being incompatible. I do not know anything about scripting so I can't really make my own, so I'm requesting someone with enough time to make me a custom menu. Here is what I'm looking for: -Non combat...
  14. Takkun

    TK - Icon Menu

    (Portuguese Video) Introduction: These are icons that are accessed by the Mouse, which when clicked will activate a Menu command. How to use: Paste the two necessary scripts above the main one of your project and make the necessary settings. Scripts: TK - Icon Menu Jet Mouse System...
  15. Kilgarra

    How can I create a custom menu?

    I'm making a horror game so I don't need the menu to show gold, status and stuff like that. How can I remove those?
  16. Kubewix

    Compatibility problem Falcao's ABS and HUD script

    Hey how's it going. I'm new to actually using this website but I've come across it millions of times and it's proved to be awesome when troubleshooting or looking for some scripts. -THE PROBLEM- I'm using Falcao's ABS liquid v3 and I'm using it's HUD that allows me to view a semi customization...

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