1. Roseredpinball

    How to make a profile menu?

    I'm not sure how else to describe it. I want to make a profile menu, similar to the one in Ace Attorney games, where you can look at profiles of various people you've encountered and see images/descriptions of them. It's for a detective game I'm working on. Is there a script for this or some way...
  2. tale

    Side-view Actor for Menu

    dsSVActorForMenu - ver1.3.0 (2016/01/19) Creator name: Douraku Overview Displays the side-view actors in the menu without faces Features - Set Motion for Idle - Set Motion when actor selected (Active) - You can set Note tag for States Example) Under States put <menuActorMotion:motion name>...
  3. tale

    Sabakan - Equip Slot LR

    Saba_EquipSlotLR - 2016-06-05 Creator name: Sabakan Overview On equipment slot window, you can change actor with LR function. By pressing Q/W key or Page Up/Page Down key without returning to menu to select equip for other actor. Preview Credit and Thanks: Sabakan Terms of Use- Free for...
  4. VitaliaDi

    One click item use on menu?

    I don't want my party listing to show up in game however I have health potions that can be consumed from the items menu. I would love just a one click consume instead of needing to select the item and then select the party members to heal. I would like the item to just heal the party when...
  5. Can't move after autorun event

    So I've been making an event where the protagonist fights an enemy twice, before having a transition back to a safe space. However, he can't move afterwards. The character won't even turn to the sides, though I can open the menu. Is there a reason for that?
  6. tale

    Simple Item Screen

    MPP_SimpleItemWindows - 2019/01/25 (ver. 1.2) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Simplifies item screen and the shop sell screen. Features - Page Up/ Page Down key (Q/W key) changes the category. - For touch control- works by touching the category window. Screen Note: Items command...
  7. LawrenceindaSky

    Remove/Add Default Menu Commands

    Okay, I know I just asked a question like, yesterday? But I am wondering if there is any sort of way to remove commands such as the Formation, Status, Skill, and Equip, and have the ability to re add them later on? I feel it would be helpful to do this as a tutorial at the beginning of the game...
  8. VitaliaDi

    OCS Menu Files Tab

    I'm trying to customize my in-game menu and I've finally gotten a good plugin that matches what I need: the OCS Menu plugin by Alanderson Zelindro da Rosa. I'm wondering what the file tab menu connects to. The item menu obviously updates when your inventory has an item added to it. I want to...
  9. How to Remove MAT and MDF from Equip and Status menu in VX Ace?

    Pretty straightforward problem. I would like to remove MAT and MDF from appearing on the menu screen in both the equip and status menu. Is there any way to do this by editing the base script? If so, would someone be kind enough to walk me through it or post a link. Thank you :)
  10. Is there a way to lock main menu options at the start and have them unlock through game progress?

    I know the CG gallery has options to have images locked then unlock them through actions in game but I wanted to ask if there was a way to do something similar with menu buttons on the main screen. Examples: The whole CG gallery locked until reaching a certain point, or having an "Extra mode"...
  11. Danitinkis

    Changing AltMenu3 Actor's picture

    I have an actor that in some parts of the game wields a mask and has like a "second life". Can I change their menu picture from the plugin AltMenu3 with any script call or something? Thanks in advance
  12. ShadowDragon

    Evented Image Menu

    I have no idea if this already exist, but this image based menu has "1" downside at the moment. 1) This Event need to be placed in every single map, but otherwise, fully functioning. The good side of this event, its unique and you can style the buttons how you want it. You need however need...
  13. Help Moving an Icon in Menu

    So I'm using Yanfly plugins and I've just installed the stat allocation plugin. When I pull up the allocation option in the menu the 'AP' name and icon are half cut off. How do I fix this? Any help would be appreciated thanks :)
  14. Niekitty

    [Semi-Solved] Adding Bust Image to My Own Menu Layout

    Let me just say up front that I am NOT a skilled coder, and have no formal training in Javascript. I'm learning, but slowly, given how different it is from other languages I do know a bit more of (and how often answers I get to questions conflict with one another). That out of the way, I have a...
  15. overlordmikey

    Removing Faces from the Menu.

    Hey how can I remove the faces from my menu without leaving huge gaps in? Anybody know? Edit: Since I am using yanfly scripts I tried turning the height and width to 0 and everything got squished up so that didn't work. -_-'
  16. tale

    Witch's House Menu+

    Witch's House Menu+ ver 1.01 - 2015.01.20 Creator name: lctseng Introduction A menu similar to Witch's House with additional features. Features - Can display more than one actor (up to 4) - Under "Draw simple status - modify definition" You can show the following things on the status...
  17. huda

    common event with Item

    hey everyone :aswt: I don't know if this is an error or something I did, the thing is I wanted the player to access all the notes they find while playing from their menu, I didn't know how to do that in an easy way so I followed someone's advice which is to create a common event with the same...
  18. Playtest Error With Menu Missing

    I don't remember deleting it. How do I fix this and not have to start over?
  19. Quanee

    Opening/closing disabled menu with the same key

    Hi, I've been look around for a solution to my issue, yet I can't find any. I'm trying to make only one, simple item menu for my character, which can be open and closed with the same exact key. So far I've got this: 1. I've created a parallel event 2. Changed menu access to disabled (I don't...
  20. Ganimate

    How to make a hoover sound

    Hi friends!! I'm working on a project I want to share with this community to get some feedback, but first, there are a couple of details I want to polish. Is there a way to make a hoover sound over hotspots for an options menu? That's so important for the feel of the games!!! Any ideas on how...

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