1. ougitou1

    help with window problem plz?

  2. ougitou1

    Understanding windows in/on map scene

    Hello all, recently these thought came to my mind (how exactly does one go about creating a window on the map screen and are there any pros or cons i should be worrying about? Would creating windows on the map screen decrease performance or cause lagging? ) So i tried a little researching...
  3. ougitou1

    help with scrolling text

    hello hello, I'm in need of a little help, does anyone know how to create a scrolling text window? I've been going at it for a while now n i just cant seem to find my way around it. so if possible id like it if someone could also explain how it meshes with other scenes n windows. I appreciate...
  4. ougitou1

    Scrolling window

    I think i'm progressing faster in developing n stuff thanks to all the guys who help despite my questions being quite annoying. Anyway i have one more that id like an answer to if possible. Ive tried to improvise on a way to create scrolling windows in mv but i just can't ive been on it for a...
  5. ougitou1

    bunch o js questions, need answers, help??

    Oh great programmers that be i summon thee for thine infinite programming knowlede. first Q. how does 1 or even 2 use Window_Help? It seems  like one of those great little problems that are almost impossible to solve if              one or two's no a developer of mv. second Q.  please view...
  6. ougitou1

    fairly easy js scripting question.

    Hello, I'm kinda new to this so i'll just start.  i was scripting today and got stuck on something seemingly really simple or it should be at least since it should already be in the code provided with mv. I'm making a customized  menu for my game and for the life of me I just cant seem to...

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